The recently released film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It” has resounded around the U.S. with many creepy clown incidents, Red Balloon pranks, and other news. A bunch of cops with the Lincoln Police Department saw how the Gainesville police had achieved fame with the “hot cops,” while officers in Loudon had the famous “cop on a bucket.” They thought up their own Pennywise the Clown related prank and posted it to Facebook where their image is now going viral.

‘They all float down there’

The Lincoln Police Department in Lincoln, California was probably going through a quiet phase at the time when four unidentified officers posed for the now viral photo.

As noted by the Sacramento Bee, the cops lined up in the street with one officer bending over to follow a carefully crafted trail of delicious doughnuts leading to a nearby storm drain.

The drain itself has the signature red balloon of “It” fame and a tiny face can be seen peering out at the cops. No doubt the appearance of Pennywise was cleverly created using Photoshop skills, but the result is hilarious. The only problem is that’s Tim Curry down there and not the current Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard!

The image was posted to Facebook on Friday and has attracted 136,000 reactions and just over 14,000 comments and 156,000 shares at the time of writing. In their post, the clowning cops added a caption with Pennywise saying, “Hey guys, I have doughnuts down here!”

Facebook reacts to cops’ ‘It’ parody

The reaction in the comments varies from telling the cops to be careful out there to a comment by Bridgett Millsap saying, “Hot damn cops and getting hotter and hotter.” David Lefever expressed surprise at cops wasting doughnuts like that.

Several Facebook users said the cop at the back of the queue was the funniest.

The ‘It’ effect

There have been several Pennywise related stories out there lately leading up to the release of “It” in theaters last week. Pennsylvania State Police recently warned of a possible rerun of the Creepy Clown sightings from the previous year, while Mueller Alamo Drafthouse courted controversy by having a “clown-only” showing of the film.

A bunch of teenage girls almost got into trouble by tying red balloons on drain covers all over town to prank their friends, but luckily the police had a sense of humor, making their own amusing Facebook post. There was even a story about Stephen King placing a red balloon in one of the windows of his home, although reportedly King later denied it was him.