Stephen King’s powerful fictional multiverse is being adapted left, right and center these days and the latest news relates to a novel he wrote together with author Peter Straub. “The Talisman,” tells the tale of a 12-year-old boy who journeys into the Territories – an alternative world – in an effort to save both his mother Lily and her “twinner,” the queen of those Territories, Laura DeLoessian.

Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman’ as a film adaptation

Having reread the "Dark Tower" series for the third time, the writer is about to complete a second reading of "The Talisman." It is a complex story, but the best-selling 1984 fantasy novel does lend itself well to adaptation as an exciting SciFi/horror film.

According to a report by Variety, director Josh Boone (“New Mutants” and “Fault of Our Stars”) is set to write the script based on the King and Straub story for Amblin Entertainment. Reportedly it is also possible Boone will direct the movie. Boone already has a long-term relationship with King, as he is also set to write the script of a new adaptation of the apocalyptic story “The Stand,” a project which reportedly is currently on hold. Boone is also tasked with writing an adaptation of another great King novel, “Revival.” The producer will be Frank Marshall, while the executive producer is set to be Michael Wright.

Initially Amblin had planned to develop “The Talisman” as a TV show, but later – possibly inspired by the record-breaking box office success of the movie adaptation of King’s “It” – it was decided to head down the film route (although maybe they should remember the dismal failure of "The Dark Tower?").

Can Jack Sawyer save his mother in ‘The Talisman?’

The Talisman,” tells the story of Jack Sawyer and his mother, actress Lily Cavanaugh – known as the “Queen of B movies” – who moves them first from Rodeo Drive to an apartment in New York City, and then to a fading and almost deserted ocean-side town in New Hampshire. At first, Jack is unaware of exactly why they are running away, but gradually uncovers the whole, terrifying reason behind the move.

Living in the Alhambra Inn and Gardens and generally skipping school, Jack gets bored and explores the closed-down amusement park close by. He goes on to meet an interesting man by the name of Speedy Parker. In the meanwhile, Jack knows his mother is very ill and is possibly dying. He discovers from Speedy that he has been chosen to travel to another world, the Territories, to find a special artifact – the titular Talisman. This object will save not only his mother but also the Queen of those Territories, Laura deLoessian, who happens to be Lily’s “twinner.” Jack goes through some truly horrific experiences, meeting amazing and terrifying characters along the way while attempting to complete his quest.

Previous attempt at adapting ‘The Talisman’

As noted by Horrorfreak News, this isn’t the first attempt at adapting the King and Straub novel. Back in 2008, Mathieu Ratthe, writer, and director of “The Gracefield Incident,” tried to get the project off the ground. In an effort to prove his worth, he produced a short film based on “The Talisman.” In the short film below we meet Jack, as he searches their hotel room for his mother, only to briefly delve into the scarier side of the Territories, as a “bad Wolf” (the Territories version of a werewolf) takes his mother away. While only around six minutes in length, the short film does give an idea what to expect from a movie adaptation of the story.

Maybe a sequel based on ‘Black House?’

King’s Constant Readers, who were so rightfully disappointed at the recent adaptation of King’s “The Dark Tower,” are no doubt hoping producers do a better job with “The Talisman.” Should the new film be another box office hit, this could possibly lead to an adaptation of a second King and Straub novel in the series, “Black House,” featuring an adult Jack Sawyer, continuing his terrifying adventures.