vin diesel and Ludacris are reportedly planning to make music collaboration together for their fans. In an Instagram video posted by the "Fast and the Furious" actor on Tuesday, Diesel teased a positive music project that is in works. The actor explained, "Tonight was a little different, we got inspired by our angels to go to the music side of our brain."

Meanwhile, a report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that Ludacris is also positive about the upcoming music collaboration. He feels that such good and creative minds will be working together in order to come up with their plans.

Leaving impact to the generation

When asked about the details of their Musical Collaboration, Ludacris revealed that he and Diesel were inspired to do the project for the children of this generation. Both actors wanted to leave an impact on the lives of the next generation; and perhaps, these actors feel that their music will create the change they wanted to see in the world.

As Ludacris ended his statement, he added, "We have the power to move mountains." While millions of their fans and followers were excited about this announcement, the "Fast and the Furious" actors are very committed to giving their fans the best treats, more than just what their movies can offer.

Creating an inspiration

As they spoke to Entertainment Tonight, Ludacris revealed that Diesel has always been his inspiration.

If there is one thing that these two actors wanted to pursue, that is to make their music collaboration to happen.

While these two "Fast and the Furious" icons made a good team with their film, their upcoming collaboration is really something that the entire world should look forward to. According to Luda, it has been nearly two years since he had his last proper album.

Hence, his upcoming music project with Diesel is very much in time as he wanted his fans to enjoy his music through their headphones. The latest video which Diesel posted on Instagram has left all his followers excited about the amazing project that these actors will offer.

A good son

Despite being busy with his career and the upcoming movie sequel, "Fast and the Furious 9," Diesel has proven the world that he is definitely a good son.

Just recently, the actor was reportedly spending a good time together with his mother. It was one of the rare occasions that the popular actor was seen out in public. Nevertheless, his followers found him adorable as he stepped out in public to support Steven Spielberg together with his mother.