Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) was not seen in the premiere episode ofBlue BloodsSeason 8. A day after the new season debuted, the 49-year-old announced that she had left the television show in an Instagram post. Although the “Third Watch” star didn’t address the reason for her exit, some reports say she just wanted to move on.

Carlson’s exit

“My heart is full of gratitude to each of you for your generous support of me and my character for the last seven years,” Amy Carlson captioned her snap on Instagram.

She admitted that she had been touched by fans’ “compassion and enthusiasm.” The “Another World” actress revealed that she loved playing the role of Linda; being the wife of Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), Jack (Tony Terraciano) and Sean’s (Andrew Terraciano) mother, a nurse, and a working mom.

She, too, was proud of what she had contributed in building the series.

Now that she’s gone in “Blue Bloods” Season 8, she gave her heartfelt gratitude to CBS and the television show’s cast and crew. She was also thankful to all the fans that have supported her throughout the series. Carlson was on the show since it started in 2010.

According to Deadline, Carlson already fulfilled her contract. Thus, she wanted to move and take other projects. However, her exit surprised a lot of fans. She played one of the pivotal roles and yet, the network didn’t have the chance to give her a proper sendoff.

Linda’s death

In the premiere episode of “Blue Bloods” Season 8, Linda was revealed dead.

Although she had survived the fire in the previous season, an emergency room nurse was said to die in an air crash while transporting a patient.

It was expected that the television show would return with a missing cast member. Linda had died between the seventh season’s final episode and the start of the new installment.

Linda played a major character in the police procedural series. Her death wasn’t revealed in the premiere episode right away, but it was evident that something wrong was going on to her husband.

The sad news was revealed in Danny’s therapy session.

According to Cinema Blend, the television shows’ key players that are exiting long-running series make noise often. Amy Carlson’s departure wasn’t even hinted long before the eighth chapter started. So, keeping her exit a big secret was proof that “Blue Bloods” just made one of the most surprising departures that happened on television this fall.