There is little doubt that the main concern in "Vikings" Season 5 is the civil war between Ivar The Boneless and Lagertha. But which characters will be joining Ragnar Lothbrok's crippled son and the new Queen of Kattegat? The new teaser for the fifth season has revealed that Hvitserk will turn his back on his other brothers to support Ivar.

The conclusion of "Vikings" Season 4 already hinted on some major conflicts between the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. Ivar insisted on staying in England to continue raiding while Bjorn Ironside just wants to explore the Meditteranean more.

Things got tense when Sigurd Snake-In-The-Eye decided to humiliate his youngest brother, resulting in Ivar killing him. Sigurd's death is expected to lead to the war between the Lothbrok boys. However, it looks like Ivar will convince one of his brothers to take his side in the fifth season.

Hvitserk joins Ivar to fight against Lagertha

A new teaser for "Vikings" Season 5 features more footage of the Northmen on the battlefield. Interestingly, Ivar the Boneless is shown brandishing King Harald Finehair's colors red and yellow. However, the quick scene also reveals that older brother Hvitserk is standing beside the crippled man.

The idea of Hvitserk helping Ivar fight against his other brothers certainly had fans wondering.

After all, Ragnar's second son with Aslaug had initially teamed up with Bjorn on his journey to the other side of the world. There is a possibility that Hvitserk's decision to go against Lagertha has more to do with a conflict with Ubbe, who may have declared that he will no longer share his wife Margrethe with his brother.

But is it possible that Hvitserk's alliance with Ivar the Boneless will lead to tragedy?

A poster for the fifth season seems to suggest that the character will get killed off during the bloody civil war.

Hvitserk's death teased in 'Vikings' poster

Katheryn Winnick recently tweeted an awesome poster for Season 5 which features the main players fighting it out on the battlefield. The image certainly teases on the possible duel between Ivar and Lagertha, who are both shown at the top part of the poster.

However, people also noticed that Hvitserk is the only living Lothbrok son who isn't in the picture.

Could this mean that Hvitserk is doomed? It has also been pointed out that Harald appears to be killing someone who looks like Astrid. Some believe that the two characters will be the big casualties in "Vikings" Season 5, which airs on History on November 29.