Almost every artist, actor and musician face their own struggle. It turns out that Ed Sheeran is also one on the list of people who fight their own battles every day. Apparently, Sheeran has been battling Substance Abuse. In a recent interview on "The Jonathan Ross Show," he touched upon the difficulties he faced secretly.

According to the US Magazine, in the interview, Ed Sheeran stated that adjusting to fame led him to struggle. Adapting to the industry was not an easy task for the 26-year-old singer. He was constantly working on his tour and never realized the things happening around him including the substance abuse.

Stepping away from the limelight

A little less than two years ago the British singer announced that he is going to take a one-year break from his career. In December 2015, Sheeran stepped away from the limelight and took a year off to pull things back together. It was a much-needed break for him to learn and focus on the important stuff.

Many artists take a break at one point of their career to get a fresh start. In Sheeran's case, he never wanted to stay under the influence of substance abuse. The "Thinking Out Loud" star stated that he was not able to focus on writing songs and performing under the influence of any substance. That said, he figured out a way to work more on what he really needs.

Cherry Seaborn helped Ed Sheeran get back on track

In difficult times everyone needs a shoulder to rely on, the pop star reconnected with his high-school friend Cherry Seaborn. They were good friends back in school and their relationship has helped him to get back and concentrate on his career. He stated that he needed someone who could create that balance between his life.

After his break, Sheeran came back with a third album titled "Divide" in March 2017. "Divide" was a grand success with one of his most famous songs "Shape Of You." Unfortunately, Sheeran had to postpone some of his concerts in Asia due to his bicycle accident earlier this week.

The accident broke a rib and both arms leaving him in a situation not to perform.

However, Ed Sheeran still wanted to continue his tour. The doctors told him that if he tries to sing or play he might land up risking his entire career. This has been the first time Ed Sheeran had to postpone his concerts. Further updates about the upcoming concerts will be out in future after he recovers. As for all the Ed Sheeran fans, they understand his situation and hope to watch him perform live soon.