The second episode of Season 2 of "This Is Us" continued with more insight into the lives of the Pearsons. The family is working out their individual and collective problems. Last week, viewers saw the parents still trying to iron out their differences and the children making career changes and other major decisions concerning their personal lives. Creator Dan Fogleman wants viewers to know that things are not always as they seem.

Kevin's career

Since Season 1, Kevin, played by Justin Hartley has wanted to have a career as an actor. He was offered a part in a film directed by Ron Howard who plays himself.

So, why is Kevin going back to "The Manny"? More information will be revealed about the real reason in upcoming episodes. In the meantime, viewers will know that he is going back to film a special episode of the show that didn't work out for him before.

Drama with Kate

In past episodes, Kate, played by Emmy nominee chrissy metz and Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, have had mother-daughter issues. A flashback shows Rebecca encouraging a young Kate to sing "Lean on Me" in a talent show at school. When Kate hears her mother singing the song, she thinks her voice is not as good as her mother's. She makes up a story about having a sore throat just so she wouldn't have to perform in the school talent show.

The school talent show was still on the back of Kate's mind when in the present she sang in a band at a bar and Rebecca complimented her. Instead of accepting the compliment, Kate lashed out at her mother which baffled Rebecca. More will be revealed about the real reason Kate has mommy issues.

Randall and Beth

Viewers thought Randall, played by Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown and his wife Beth, played by Susan Kelechi Watson had come to a mutual agreement concerning the adoption.

In fact, they had agreed to get an older foster child instead of a newborn. Beth cannot understand why Randall is procrastinating and not completing the required paperwork. After all, it was Randall's idea to enlarge their family. After Beth talked to Kevin about the situation, her brother-in-law was able to communicate with Randall, and it worked out in the end.

Jack's drinking problem

More clues are given about Jack, played by Emmy nominee Milo Ventimiglia, and his drinking which is now described as a problem. After Rebecca cautioned him about it in Season 1, Jack stopped and secretly returned to it later. This time he told his family about it, and Rebecca drove him to his first AA meeting.

Watch what happens next on "This Is Us" when it airs next Tuesday on NBC at 9 PM.