Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have become popular through their big family. The couple has 19 kids and the growth of their family, as well as their parenting style, have been documented on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.” It’s sad to see the Duggar family members getting fewer as their children grow up and start their own families. On Saturday, the Duggar patriarch and matriarch stepped out to watch football with five of their youngest children. The single, grown-up ones, including Jana Duggar and her twin John-David, were missing.

'19 Kids and Counting' clan members are getting fewer

On Tuesday, the Duggars shared a family photo on Facebook. It was taken over the weekend when the Duggars stepped out to watch football. Many noticed that Jim Bob and Michelle’s family is not as lively as before, as only a few kids are left in their home.

In one photo, Jim Bob and Michelle posed alongside five of their brood and their fans immediately noticed how small the family is. "Michelle, it's kind of sad to see such a small group. The kids are grown up. It's been a lot of fun watching them grow up on television," one fan commented. Another fan agreed, “That family photo is getting smaller.”

Jana is noticeably missing in the photo and so is her twin brother John-David.

It seemed that Jim Bob and Michelle only took the youngest ones in their brood. Perhaps, the single grown-up Duggars are occupied with other things. Maybe Jana is busy with gardening. The family earlier shared a photo of her garden, which according to them, they enjoyed all summer long.

Is Jana Duggar courting or still single?

Last week, the "Counting On" star, Jana, was rumored to be courting a mystery man, who was later was identified as Caleb Williams. Caleb has been spotted in the Duggar family photos frequently and that is why many people thought that he was courting Jana. Shortly after Caleb was identified, another man, Jacob Wilson was romantically linked to Jana.

Jacob denied that he is courting Jana. According to him, they are just friends. They have known each other for over 20-years and stressed that there is nothing romantic between them. Jacob’s denial saddened many fans who are hoping that Jana is courting. Meanwhile, Caleb did not address the courting issue with Jana.

What will happen to the Duggar home once Jana finds the right man for her and gets married? Are you sad that the family is getting smaller and smaller? Do you miss the big family in "19 Kids and Counting"? Drop a comment below.