New spoilers are out for "This Is Us" season two. The fans saw last week that randall really wanted to adopt a baby just like his parents did with him, but his wife wasn't agreeing to it. They finally talked and decided that instead, they wanted to end up helping out an older child that someone else didn't want to help. Now, TV Guide is sharing that Randall is stalling the paperwork to become a Foster Parent for some reason. This is pretty surprising considering how much he has made it clear that he wants to help another child. He was adopted as a baby after his parents left him at a fire station.

What goes down this week?

This week on a new episode of "This Is Us" they will head to LA so that they can film a new episode of "The Manny." Randall's wife is going to be upset with him and ask why he is putting off doing his paperwork so that they can become foster parents. It was supposed to be turned in that day.

It is very odd that Randall hasn't pushed hard to get this done fast. Everyone knows that he is all about deadlines and getting stuff done in time so there has to be a reason that he is holding back on doing this paperwork. His wife Beth isn't thrilled about the fact that they are going to be flying across the country to watch Kevin film this show. She teases about how she doesn't even think that Kevin is funny, but that isn't going to get her out of going on this big trip with the family.

Randall doesn't like the questions

One thing that Randall has problems with is some of the questions on the form. He said it asks "Do you feel sexually satisfied by your partner?" It doesn't sound like this is the only thing going on, though.

Last week, Randall seemed totally fine with the idea of not adopting a baby. Now he is putting off filling out the paperwork.

It also wants to know what time he usually gets home from work. They haven't even told their daughters that they are going to bringing another child into their home just yet. It will be a big adjustment for everyone. Randall explained that he is going to fill out all of the paperwork on the plane. Hopefully tonight they will explain what is holding him back from doing it because his wife Beth seems totally ready to go through with it all.

Are you surprised to hear that Randall is stalling on his paperwork to become a foster parent? Do you feel like they will end up adopting? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "This Is Us" when they air on Tuesday nights.