Marvel’s “Inhumans” made its official debut two weeks back. The show has managed to gain impressive momentum since its launch. It doesn’t come across as surprising, given the show’s cast and crew members. As the series is being led by the famous Scott Buck (known for “Iron Fist” and “Dexter”), there is little chance for anything to go wrong. The third episode of “Inhumans” is going to air on Friday, 6th October. Titled, “Divide and Conquer,” the trailer for the upcoming episode is already out.

The upcoming episode

According to a report by Den of Geek, the next episode is going to feature all the major characters that debuted in the pilot session.

This includes Eme Ekwuakor who plays the role of Gorgon, who leads the Attilan military. He is the prime attraction of the entire show. His destructive personality is enough to make his enemies quiver in fear. His cousin, Karnak (played by Ken Leung) will also be seen accompanying him. He has the ability to single out flaws or drawbacks in everything. This special skill will especially help the two last for a longer period of time, against all evil.

According to a report by Screen Rant, the latest promo is a Sneak Peek into the two-hour-long episode that will launch towards the end of this week. It appears that the upcoming segment will especially focus on the divide that exists between Maximus (Iwan Rheon) and the rest of the members of the Royal Family.

The promo also carries excerpts from the rest of the season. Therefore, it can be treated as a sneak peek into the rest of the season and not just Episode 3. The maximum is expected to make a good addition to the mutant family. He will be expected by Auran (Sonya Balmores) to take on the Royal Family and bring peace to Earth.

Gorgon will also be seen playing an active role. The two will come closer together and their friendship will also occupy much of the screen time.

More about the show

The third episode of “Inhumans” is expected to provide more depth into each of the characters from the Royal Family. This especially includes Black Bolt (played by Anson Mount) who is currently trapped in prison.

The promo shows Bolt as breaking out and escaping from the prison. He will probably end up reuniting with Medusa (Serinda Swan) later in time. Furthermore, Crystal (played by Isabelle Cornish) will also be seen in her true avatar. She will fight against the evils of Maximus and reunite with her group.