"This Is Us" is already showing a promotion for the next episode. Viewers also saw the preview of Episode 3 of Season 2, where Randall and Beth had brought home a 12-year-old girl as their foster child. It is interesting because the girl is older than their own two daughters. The short snippet for next week's episode shows that the girl was fighting, which caught the parents off guard. Will Randall and Beth have second thoughts about this major change in their family?

Randall and Beth

Randall and Beth have been described as having a healthy marriage.

In fact, some married couples said they want to pattern their marriage after Randall and Beth's. When the couple has a disagreement, they usually make up with a kiss, a reconciliation, or some encouraging words. However, being foster parents might challenge them in ways they never expected.

Randall was the one who decided he wanted to adopt a child to honor both his fathers. Because he was adopted, he wanted to give a child the same opportunity he had. His mind was already made up when he informed Beth about his decision. At first, she was reluctant. Then she suggested that they raise a foster child that no one else wants. They both agreed to that decision. However, it was Randall who procrastinated about filling out the papers.

In Episode 2, they concluded that they would be able to deal with whatever comes along as parents of an older child. The preview of the upcoming episode shows that Foster Care of an older child might be more than the couple expected. The girl was seen fighting and viewers will find out why in Episode 3. From the looks on the parents' faces, they were shocked at what was happening.

What adoption experts say

adoption experts noticed several things that Randall did wrong. He neglected to discuss adoption with Beth before he made up his mind. The announcement came as a shock to Beth, because she had no idea that Randall was even considering it. Initially, Beth's excitement about the adoption was just the opposite of her husband's excitement.

They ended up in the adoption agency without both of them being on the same page. That should not have happened. In fact, Beth left and they discussed the foster care route outside the agency.

So far, viewers did not hear any conversations between Randall and Beth about the sex of the child, the age they preferred, or when they would bring her into their home. For such an important act, it certainly did happen fast because the foster child arrives in the next episode.

Watch "This Is Us" next Tuesday night on NBC at 9 p.m. to see the new addition to the Pearson family.