Things continued to unravel on Tuesday night’s episode of "This Is Us." The Maglite gave more insight into the perfectly imperfect lives of the Pearsons who grapple with issues of parenting, self-esteem, grief/loss, and anxiety/stress as they confront their problems. As this season delves deeper into this family’s background, viewers can certainly expect a lot of underlying vulnerability.

Kevin’s special return

Despite his lack of success on “The Manny,” Kevin returns to star in a special episode of the sitcom that torpedoed his acting career. And it wouldn’t be the Kevin America has grown to love if he wasn’t frantic with fear before the show.

Moreover, his frustration with the director’s last minute adjustments to the final scene threaten to send him off the rails. But, a pep talk from his partner in crime, Sophie, affirms his worth. Her emotional support reminds Kevin that he is capable, just as it did in their youth.

Jack’s promise to Rebecca

Jack’s struggle with alcoholism is something that is in his makeup. Flashbacks of his mundane work life and time in the war insinuate that these are just two contributing factors to his addiction, which he reveals to his family. This pushes Jack to come to terms with his chronic disease and shatters the image of him being a flawless husband and dad. The episode ends with Rebecca taking Jack to his first AA meeting—representing his vow to his wife and fight for sobriety.

Kate’s first gig

It was refreshing to see Kate finally muster up the courage to pursue her singing career, even though her shining moment turned a bit sour when Rebecca accompanied Toby to her gig. Rebecca beamed with joy at her daughter on stage, being the first to commend Kate on her performance. Kate disregards her mother’s praise, in turn, expressing the years of resentment she’s housed toward her.

This is pivotal for Kate since she is working on trusting and cleansing herself; it was important that she faced her mother to begin her journey of self-improvement.

Randalling out

Randall is stalling to fill out his paperwork after getting Beth aboard the adoption bandwagon. His sudden fear to expand their family is due in part to his concern over not being able to handle the psychological problems and emotional trauma of an older child.

The only time he’s ever risked failure is when he asked Beth out in college. Acknowledging this, Beth encouraged randall, assuring him that they made their girls great, they’re a powerhouse together, and that they are able to do anything. It’s going to be interesting to see how these lovebirds take on the challenge of being foster parents.

This Is Us” airs on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.