Mohamed Jbali of "90 Day Fiance" just shared that he is moving, but he isn't moving back home. He is actually going to be staying in the United States. The Hollywood Gossip shared the details about his big move and what is going on. It turns out that Mohamed and Danielle didn't work out and got a divorce, but that didn't end up getting him sent out of the United States. She has tried to get him deported, but it has never worked.

Where is Mohamed moving?

Mohamed Jbali shared with his fans that he has big plans to move to Texas. He has been living in Florida but is now heading to Texas.

He didn't share exactly why he is moving, but things got really crazy when he started getting comments about Texas. One reason for Mohamed to move is that he will be getting far away from Danielle and that is probably a plus for him.

Another thing going on is that Mohamed Jbali is asking his fans to help him out. He is wanting someone to let him borrow a truck to help move. He shared that the cheapest one he has been able to find was $1,500 and he was shocked that it would be that much. He is hoping that he can find someone willing to help him out with the move. He is really hoping to find a way to move without renting a truck. This also shows that Mohamed must have not a lot of his reality television money left because $1,500 seems to sound like a fortune to him.

What drama went down in the comments?

Mohamed didn't love the comments that he was getting from everyone. He said, "Guys, why you saying 'It’s the red state,' and 'racist people,' and 'They are against Muslims.' It’s just a state." It sounds like some fans don't think he should move there, but he doesn't see the issue at all and is fine with doing it.

He went on to explain that people do live in Texas that are against Donald Trump and also that are Muslims. He doesn't seem to think that he will have any problems at all if he moves to Texas. He said he also is getting comments from people who are from Texas and love living there. He then went on to say that he is not going to continue to fight with these people and that instead, he is just going to keep living his life.

It sounds like that means moving to Texas.

Are you shocked to hear that Mohamed Jbali wants to make a big move to Texas? Are you shocked to see how crazy the comments got on his post? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" on Sunday nights on TLC. It is time to watch a new group of people and see how they do.