On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," the conflict between Ashley and Graham goes to another level. She has no idea her mother told him that John Abbot is not her biological father. Mr. Bloodworth makes comments about John Abbott, says Dina tells him everything and when accused of hacking Jabot's files tells his companion's daughter that he is not the bastard. Ashley looks pretty rattled and if she calmed down for a moment she might be able to put it together. The subtle hints are only the beginning of this cat and mouse game. Graham intends to make Ms.

Mergeron's children pay for getting in his way.

Graham has the upper hand

Last week, Ashley found an invoice in Graham's room which indicated that he was paying a monthly bill for a senior living facility in Florida. She called and found out that his mother is a resident, and told Dina who did not believe her. Graham had said his mother was deceased so Ashley believes she has something on him. She has no idea that it is Mr. Bloodworth who actually has the upper hand. He can hurt do more damage to Ms. Abbott than she can ever do to him.

Graham using the term "bastard" was pretty bold but Ashley believes her mother has kept her secret. She is rattled by the subtle hints Mr. Bloodworth gave her but missing the point because her focus is elsewhere.

She believes he has used her mother's computer to gain information to sabotage Jabot and cannot wait to get the proof. Dina's password was utilized but it was her brother Billy who gained access through the laptop owned by Phyllis. Should Ashley not apologize when the truth is revealed, Graham may consider telling everyone that John Abbott is not her biological father.

Ashley and Graham both may lose the game of cat and mouse

On Monday, Graham told Ashley he would never do anything to hurt Dina's children because she would disinherit him, but he sent photos of Jack and Nikki to Victor in Dina's name. If she pushes too hard or tries to expose that his mother is living, Mr. Bloodworth may threaten to use his knowledge of her paternity as leverage.

Ashley does not want Abby to know that she does not truly have Abbott blood running through her veins. Finding out that the founder of Jabot is not her grandfather could devastate Abby beyond measure.

She grew up believing Brad Carlton was her dad only to find out in later years that Victor Newman is her father. This secret could push her over the edge because it will mean her mother has lied her entire life. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS, to find out how this game of cat and mouse will end.