Spoiler alerts from Soapoperaspy.com indicate that Monday, October 9 will be a day of intense revelation on "The Young and the Restless." A number of genoa city residents will find themselves dealing with life-altering realities. Lily and Victoria will find common ground and come to an agreement where their children are concerned, without involving Cane. Colin is back in town and will go out of his way to be nice to his son's baby mama. Phyllis, however, will be the one to experience the most devastating revelation. She will be forced to face an ugly reality regarding the man she is living with.

Colin attempts to bond with Juliet

Colin Atkinson will return to town and introduce himself to Cane's baby mama. Spoilers say he will go out of his way to make Juliet feel like part of the family. He will be elated to find out that she is carrying a boy, and will desire to be in the life of this new grandchild. Cane is probably skeptical of his father's motives, but Ms. Helton will enjoy the attention. Right now Juliet does not have one true friend in Genoa City and might believe that befriending Cane's dad will open a door for her baby daddy to bond with her and his new child.

Colin could prove to be an ally and push his son in Juliet's direction now that Lily has filed for divorce. It also could be a ruse, since spoilers say Cane and his dad will leave town for a while to meet with Jill.

It's possible that some evidence of foul play on Ms. Helton's part has been found, which means father and son could return to Genoa CIty with ammunition to prove Cane is not the baby's father.

Lily and Victoria take the high road where their children are concerned.

Spoilers say that on Monday, Victoria will catch her son and Lily's daughter together.

She will take the teens straight to Lily, where Vicky will make a startling announcement. She will say she believes Reed and Mattie should be allowed to continue seeing each other and Lily is going to agree. The teenagers will, however, have to abide by the rules their parents set in place.

Lily and Vicky have decided to take the high road, where their teenagers are concerned.

This decision is being made completely without the knowledge of Mattie's father, who wants his daughter to stay away from Victoria's son. When he finds out, Cane will be livid, but if Colin is still around, he will be able to reason with his son and talk him down.

Phyllis gets the shock of her life

On Friday, Jack told Phyllis that her lover used her Jabot issued laptop along with Dina's password to hack into company files. Spoilers tease that on Monday, Ms. Summerss-Newman-Abbott will be in denial and say that Victoria must have pushed Billy into it. This is a shock and Phyllis will attempt to downplay the truth, because facing it will be much too painful.

The knowledge that Billy deceived her in order to help Victoria will be a bit too much to deal with.

Acknowledging that her lover chose to help his former wife at her expense will devastate Phyllis. Make sure you don't miss future episodes of "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS.