Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" was a family affair that was filled with pleasant surprises for the Ashby's. Several touchy situations in Genoa City were resolved, to the delight of Mattie, Reed, and Juliet. Colin was introduced to his son's baby mama, and he and Ms. Helton seemed to hit it off. Lily and Victoria reached a mutual agreement regarding their children -- which was a plus for all involved. Cane may be the only one who disagrees, but his dad could help him come around. The Atkinson men seemed to be on the same page, and bonding in a way they previously had not.

Hilary, Lily, and Victoria make Reed and Mattie's day a happy one

Hilary ran into Mattie, who cried about being separated from Reed. Her aunt said the teens should not have to be punished because the adults are having problems. She gave her niece her cell phone to call young Mr. Helstrom, and soon he was there. As the young lovers were hugging, Victoria showed up. Reed explained that the meeting was not planned, and Vicky decided to take them to Lily's house to straighten things out. The two women decided that their children could continue to see each other if they obeyed the rules.

Reed and Mattie were surprised and immediately embraced each other with joy. They also hugged their respective mothers, and it was a beautiful scene.

Reed then asked about Cane's attitude and Victoria assured him that Lily would take care of that situation. So, for now, it looks like the star-crossed lovers may have a chance at romance.

Colin makes nice with Cane's baby mama

Colin returned to town just in time to give emotional support to his son. As Cane was filling him in on recent events, Juliet walked into the Athletic Club.

Mr. Atkinson called her over, introduced himself, and expressed his excitement about a new grandson being born. Ms. Helton seemed pleased that Cane's dad welcomed her with open arms. Colin and his son later made plans to travel to meet Jill.

Cane informed his baby mama and said she had his number if there were any problems. Soon after he left, Juliet began having abdominal pains and they seemed quite severe.

The earlier joy of Genoa City residents could be cut short. If there is a medical issue and Juliet loses the baby she will have no claim on Cane. When Mr. Ashby's finds out that Lily gave his daughter permission to date Victoria's son, it will open a whole new set of problems. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."