According to spoilers, a familiar face will return to "The Young and the Restless" on Monday. Viewers will be delighted to see Tristan Rogers reprise his role as the ne'er do well husband of the former Jill Abbot Fans will be excited that Colin Atkinson has decided to pop into Genoa City once more. He will show up at the Chancellor mansion desiring to bond with Cane's baby mama. This should thrill Juliet, who has no true friend she can name. Colin will do whatever it takes to be a part of his new grandson's life. Perhaps he will even spend time with Cane and Lilly's twins, Charlie and Mattie.

Colin wants to be a family man

Colin and Jill left Genoa City to travel the world and were scheduled to return in June. Unfortunately for their fans, the couple disappeared after only 2 days on air. Previews for Monday confirm the return as they show Cane's father introducing himself to Juliet. Spoilers indicate that Mr. Atkinson will desire to make certain he has a part in this new grandson's life.His presence should certainly heat things up in the Chancellor mansion.

Colin always had to be somewhat reserved around Lily's twins, because she was concerned about his influence. Unlike Cane's wife, his baby mama is not aware of his father's checkered history. Juliet will be elated to have someone she can talk to who will not judge her.

Ms. Heton may even consider Cane's dad an ally, and believe he can help he build a relationship with the father of her son. Colin might be the only person in Genoa City who will give Juliet and her child a fair shake. She may be able to give Mr. Atkinson an opportunity to show himself as a real family man.

Juliet and Colin may both have ulterior motives

Colin always has to have some type of angle and a goal he is trying to reach. He and Juliet may bond over their both desiring to prove themselves in Cane's eyes. He can be the type of grandpa to this baby that he was never able to be for Charlie and Mattie. He may also play both ends against the middle by showing himself empathetic to Lily and the twins, even as he endears himself to his son's baby mama.

Juliet may use her baby daddy's daddy just as much as he will be playing her. She wants Cane and what better way to get him than ingratiating herself to his father. Kudos to "The Young and the Restless" for deciding to bring back Tristan Rogers. Life in Genoa City is about to be so much more exciting now that Colin is back in town.