WWE "Hell in a Cell" turned out to be what most expected – brutal. This was best exemplified in the match involving Shane Mcmahon and Kevin Owens, two protagonists who have portrayed deep hatred from one another the past weeks.

Shane-O-Mac is no stranger to such a match. He has taken on the most dangerous stars the WWE has to offer, including the Undertaker. Having proven he can keep in step despite lacking the wrestling knowhow, facing the Prizefighter was personal as Shane wanted payback for the beating Owens gave his father, Vince McMahon.

The unexpected help

The match saw Owens show his cockiness and maximize his wrestling talent. But in a cage match, none of that matters if one cannot avoid the brutal attacks coming his way. Shane knew how to inflict damage in the worst possible way. That included jumping atop the Cell, shades of what he did against the Dead Man at "Wrestlemania 32," Bleacher Report reported.

The scenario and WWE "Hell in a Cell" were pretty much the same. Shane-O-Mac took the dangerous leap but landed on empty. Owens averted the dangerous move with the help of a former best friend in Sami Zayn, WWE.com reported.

The insertion of Zayn and why he helped Owens has left many befuddled. These two have been going at it since being elevated to the regular shows, and the Canadian was never really involved in the storyline.

Then again, anything is possible in the WWE – including a sudden heel-turn for some apparent reason.

Why Sami?

The sudden turn of events will likely have a better explanation when the Oct.

10 edition of WWE “SmackDown” gets underway. Has Sami Zayn lost his marbles?

If his body language at WWE "Hell in a Cell" is any indication, the 33-year-old seems to be unsure he did the right thing interfering in the match. Does he have a beef with Shane McMahon as well?

Owens was equally surprised with the assists Zayn gave.

But it seems clear as day that the former WWE NXT champion’s actions point to a heel-turn. With his face-like character not getting anywhere, it is a familiar route that most wrestlers use to get to the top. But will it work for Sami?

An alliance with Owens could be up. However, expect Shane McMahon to get payback. The 47-year-old could miss some time to recuperate from the crazy stunt, giving Owens and Zayn all the time to work on their respective roles. If the two come to terms, a tag team run could be in the works. The WWE SmackDown titles are currently held by The Usos who won the titles when they defeated The New Day earlier on the same pay-per-view.

With no direction right now, it seems plausible for Owens and Zayn to bury the hatchet. But with egos in the way, the next question is how long will this uncanny partnership last.