spoilers say, this week on "The Young and the Restless," the Ashby family will come undone. Last week Lily made the painful decision to legally finalize her separation from her spouse. Now she and Cane must break the news to their children that they are getting divorced. Charlie and Mattie, "the wonder twins," will have to come to terms with the fact that their family unit is being dissolved.

Hilary keeps pushing Cane to fight for his family, but now that his wife has made up her mind, he cannot fight alone. Sadly the teenagers will pay the biggest price and their lives will never be the same.

The wonder twins will suffer

When Juliet spoke to Mattie and Charlie at the Athletic club she referred to them as "the wonder twins." The now teenage son and daughter of Cane and Lily had seemed to live a charmed life. She is a straight-A student excelling in academics, and he is the classic "jock" who loves sports. They had been typical teenagers until learning what their dad did in Tokyo. Once these young adults found out that a drunken Cane slept with Juliet and impregnated her, their worldview of their father changed. They did not like it any better when Lily began allowing Jordan to hang around their home.

The teens realize their lives will never go back to the way they were but they did not focus on what the immediate future may bring.

Mattie began spending time with Victoria's son Reed, and Charlie threw himself into sports. The feud between Vicki and Cane escalated to the point that Mattie and Reed were forbidden to see each other. Now in addition to the shock of her father's actions, Mattie can no longer communicate with the one person she feels is, truly, on her side.The Ashby twins will pay the price because of their parent's divorce and suffer, through no fault of their own.

Cane and Lily come clean with the twins

On Monday Cane and Lily sat down with their children and explained why the divorce was best for all concerned. Charlie points out that, earlier, their parents had said keeping the family together was best for everyone. They ask if their father is going to get with his baby mama and if their mom will date the man who has been waiting on the sidelines.

The Ashby's tell the twins that neither Juliet nor Jordan has anything to do with the decision.

Cane gives each twin a big hug, and tells his children how much he loves them. He promises he will continue to be there for them and the twins leave the room. When Cane and Lily say their goodbyes it was a touching moment. Kudos to "The Young and the Restless" for the way they tackled this painful situation. Stay tuned to find out how the wonder twins handle this down the road.