On "The Young and the Restless," Juliet dubbed Cane and Lily's children the Wonder twins." This was after they all met at the athletic club pool. Charlie and Mattie were troubled to meet face to face with the woman who caused so much trouble in their family. These teenagers are going to face a lot more by the time Juliet gives birth to their younger sibling.

"Brash and Sassy" is the root of the issues the twins

Charlie and Mattie's parents, Cane and Lily both worked for "Brash and Sassy," as did Juliet. This is the root of all the issues the twins now face.

Cane drank too much while on company business in Tokyo, slept with Juliet and now she is having his baby. The twins have had to deal with the fact that their father cheated on their mother, and got another woman pregnant. Cane then was fired from his job, and Lily kicked him out of their home.

In addition, Mattie is dating Reed, whose mother Victoria owns "Brash and Sassy." Reed feels as if Cane caused his mother problems, and the "Wonder Twins" believe Victoria hurt their father. All three teens have issues with Juliet and blame her most of all for the family drama. The fate of Cane and Lily's teenagers hangs in the balance because of the problems the adults in their lives are dealing with.

They are going to have to make adjustments once the baby comes, and Cane must spend time with Juliet and their new baby brother or sister.

It is clear now why the writers for "The Young and the Restless" aged Charlie and Mattie. If the twins remained young, they would have absolutely no role in what is going on with their parents. As teenagers they are affected by the lawsuit, Cane losing his job, Lily putting him out, and most of all the new baby. There are now more opportunities for the Ashby twins to play an active role in what is going on around them.

The future of Mattie and Charlie is filled with uncertainty

Mattie dating Reed is an bonus because it could put this young couple at odds with each other. They have agreed not to allow their parent's problems to affect them, but ultimately they will to some extent. Charlie is already showing the strain because he has issues with Reed, Juliet, and most of all Cane.

Mattie's brother also is not afraid to let everyone know just how he feels.

Every time his father reaches out to him, Charlie refuses to give an inch and holds on to his bitterness. Mattie is more laid back, and like her mother, Lily is trying to take things one day at a time. They both are somewhat keeping the lines of communication open where Cane is concerned. Unlike her sibling, Mattie has not thrown her dad under the bus.And she is trying to live her own life and not be consumed by her parent's marital woes.

Kudo's to "The Young and the Restless," for giving these teens real life family issues to deal with, instead of the typical storyline of drugs, drinking or under age sex. The future of the "Wonder Twins" is filled with uncertainty, but Mattie at least seems somewhat grounded. Charlie probably will go off on somebody pretty soon. Keep watching CBS daytime in order to find out the fate of the Ashby teens, and their parent.