When it was confirmed that Cane is the father of Juliet's baby, Lily told him the right thing to do was to be there for his baby mama throughout the pregnancy. Now that the evidence of her husband's indiscretion with Ms. Helton is obvious, Lily does not seem to be able to handle it. On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless", she ran into a very obviously pregnant Juliet and the reality of the situation hit her hard.Later during a marriage counseling session, Mrs. Ashby ran out before it was over. She later tells Michael that her marriage may be done as well.

Cane's baby with Juliet is obviously getting in the way of a reconciliation.

The sight of a pregnant Juliet is too much for Lily to handle

Lily seemed skeptical when her estranged spouse suggested counseling, but she agreed for the sake of their twins. Just before she got to the counselor's office she ran into Juliet. The two women were civil but of course, it was awkward. Lily looked pained as she had to confront the reality of her husband's one-night stand. She expressed that she was glad the baby did not have a birth defect then went on her way.

During the marriage counseling session Cane was very honest. He said that he was willing to do anything to heal his family and that he wanted his union with Lily to work.

He told his spouse how much he loved her. His wife, however, could not bring herself to say the same. She emphasized that seeing Juliet pregnant was a problem for her and abruptly ran out of the therapy session. Lily may have just put an end to "Lane" and opened the door for "Jane."

Cane is having second thoughts about a reconciliation

It's understandable that Lily is hurting and cannot simply forgive and forget because of the baby.

She loves her husband but the baby is too much. Later she talks to Michael and asks him what Cane's responsibilities will be towards his soon to be born son. Michael asks if she is considering divorce and viewers can see in her face the pain this situation is causing. While she is weighing her options her husband is talking to Juliet.

When Ms. Helton asks how counseling went, Cane tells her that it takes two people to make a marriage. Spoiler alerts have indicated that this week Mr. Ashby will invite his baby mama to have dinner at the Chancellor mansion. Lily running out of the counselor's office may be the final straw for her husband. He has begged and pleaded with her to take him back and she has refused. Now he has the mother of his unborn son giving a listening ear. And she may be willing to give him the time and attention that his wife will not.