"Counting On" star Jessa Duggar was recently mommy shamed after she shared a picture of her home on Instagram. Said photo shows dirty diapers, dust, and mold, which is not a good environment for her children. Fans were quick to comment on her dirty house, but Jessa has something to say about it.

The wife of Ben Seewald defended herself from the backlash she received from fans about her unkempt house. Fans are concerned about the couple's kids, one-year-old Spurgeon and eight-month-old Henry. Instead of responding to the negativity from her fans, Jessa shared more photos of her dirty house to show the reality of life.

Jessa prefers to spend time with the kids

The mom-of-two explained the reason why her house is dirty. She said that she needs to push aside some chores in order to spend time with her two children. She added that she can break down household tasks into manageable increments, but she needs to spend quality time with the kids.

She clarified that it isn't about kids vs. house cleaning. But it is about her heart's goal which is to devote undivided time and attention to her children. She stressed that it is important to let the kids feel that they are loved by being playful and by interacting with them.

Jessa also said that she is investing into their lives and hearts. She said that after the house is cleaned, they read books, she snuggles her kids, the kids are happy, and they are all happy.

Indeed, Jessa Duggar showed the reality of being a mother by saying that giving time to the children is more important than any other work.

Mommy-shamed by followers

This isn't the first time that Jessa received backlash online. Back in April, fans attacked her for her fashion style after having kids. One commenter said that she thought Jessa has a better fashion sense than the rest of the Duggars.

But it appears that she is already wearing clothes like what her sister Jill wears. The fan further said that Jessa's style changed dramatically.

Aside from that, fans were also quick to criticize her parenting when she shared a picture of Spurgeon drinking from a bottle. Fans commented that she should take away the bottle on the child's first birthday.

Another critic said that the kids should not use a bottle once they are already 12 or 13 months old.

Well, famous personalities like the Duggars receive more attention from followers. Because of that, everything they do is being called out by fans. But instead of responding to negativities with another negative reply, Jessa Duggar preferred to remain positive.