It is going to be a lot of fun when Earth 2 Harrison Wells interacts with various versions of himself in an upcoming episode of “The Flash” season 4. In episode 6, titled “When Harry met Harry,” the scientist summons his doppelgangers for some brainstorming activities. Meanwhile, Team Flash must apprehend another metahuman who attacks Central City with the use of inanimate objects.

‘The Council of Wells’

The existence of the multiverse allows “The Flash” to explore the different versions of their characters. So far, the series has taken the liberty of exploring the many different Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) there are out there.

We have seen Earth 19 H.R., who sadly sacrificed himself to save Iris West in the season 3 finale. The show also briefly introduced viewers to cowboy Harry, steampunk Harry and the French mime Harry in season 3. The possibilities of seeing more iterations of the character are endless.

“The Flash” season 4 episode 6 reveals more versions of Harrison Wells. According to the synopsis from Cartermatt, Earth 2 Harry decides to meet with the different Wells so they can brainstorm on The Thinker’s identity. He is determined to find out who he is. With the help of Cisco, Harrison summons “The Council of Wells,” “a roundtable of the brightest Harrison Wells from various Earths. “ The tagline, “One Harry, Two Harrys, Three Harrys, Four,” hints at the appearance of four iterations of the scientist.

The appearance of “The Council of Wells” comes after executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased the appearance of the different Wells. He assured that Earth 2 Harrison is not the only Wells fans will see in season 4. Likewise, Tom Cavanagh confirmed the appearance of his character’s doppelgangers in previous interviews.

He credited the existence of the multiverse to the inclusion of the different Harrys in season 4 of “The Flash.”

New metahuman

Elsewhere in “The Flash” season 4 episode 6, a new metahuman emerges in Central City. This meta named Mina Chayton (guest star Chelsea Kurtz) possesses unique powers. She can bring inanimate objects to life.

Trouble arises when she attacks collectors of Native American artifacts and Team Flash must act quickly before she decides to animate more objects. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) decides to ask help from a surprising ally.

Granting that the series tackles a new metahuman story in every episode, then Mina Chayton is likely the fifth out of the 12 new metas in Central City. Episode 6 airs on November 14 and by this time Team Flash may have already captured five metas. Tuesday’s episode, “Elongated Journey into Night,” introduces the third metahuman Ralph Dibny dubbed as the Elongated Man.