It is going to be another fun Tuesday night when Season 4 of “The Flash” returns with Episode 4, titled “Elongated Journey into Night.” In this episode, Barry runs into trouble when he reunites with an old enemy. Meanwhile, Cisco Ramon does not make a good first impression when he meets his girlfriend’s father for the first time.

The Elongated Man

Episode 4 picks up after the events in episode 3. The team discovered that there are 12 new metahumans in Central City. They narrowed down where their powers came from and realized that these people were all on the bus when the dark matter appeared.

Viewers may remember that in the premiere episode, Barry came out of a dark matter when he returned to Earth 1. The bus went through it just as Barry sped out. These people have traces of the dark matter in them, which ultimately turned them into metahumans.

The search for the remaining new metas continues in “Elongated Journey into Night.” The team finds the third (after Kilgore and Hazard) in the once-dirty cop Ralph Dibny (guest star Hartley Sawyer), who according to Collider, also happens to be Barry’s old-time nemesis. They take him to S.T.A.R. Labs where obviously, he gets dubbed as the Elongated Man because of his rather odd power (think Mr. Fantastic). It seems the Elongated Man is not a bad metahuman.

Photos for episode 4 show him team up with The Flash and Vibe.

Cisco vs Breacher

Elsewhere, Cisco has his own problem to solve when he meets Gypsy’s father, Breacher (Danny Trejo). The bounty hunter surprises everyone with his arrival on Earth 1. He especially surprises Cisco and Gypsy when he barges in at the most inopportune moment while they are vibing.

Breacher takes an instant dislike to Cisco and decides that he is not fit for his daughter. To prove that he is no match for Gypsy, Breacher puts the tech geek on a test that turns him into his bounty. He hunts Cisco. Somehow, he also gets into a fight with The Flash and the Elongated Man. The promo for “Elongated Journey into Night,” shows Breacher unleash his powers against the two men.

It is unclear what happens in this scene, but Breacher clearly looks furious.

However, somewhere along the way, Breacher decides to join the team. One of the promotional photos for episode 4 shows him with Vibe, The Flash and the Elongated Man. Perhaps they are against a far more dangerous metahuman.

“The Flash” season 4 episode 4 airs Oct. 31 on The CW. Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) directs the episode.