In the world of “The Flash” with its various Earths, we are bound to see different versions of our beloved characters again. We saw the doppelgangers of Killer Frost and Barry Allen from Earth 2. More notable was the appearance of Harrison Wells from Earth 1, 2 and 19. One would think that there could not be any more Wells. Apparently, this is not the case since Season 4 will have another Harrison Wells.

EP confirms new Harrison Wells

Talking about “The Flash” season 4, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that there will be another version of the scientist.

“I can tease that Harry won’t be the only Wells we’ll see this season,” Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly. He did not say which Earth this new Harry is from, though the different Earths provide several choices.

Flashback to the different Wells

We had our look at the different Harrison Wells in season 3 episode 4, when Team Flash conducted a search and interview for Earth 2 Wells’ replacement. We saw steampunk Wells from Earth 17, a French mime and a drunken cowboy Harrison. The team finally settled for H.R., the fraud scientist from Earth 19. Could either of the other versions be in season 4? It is unlikely that we will see any of them appear in the installment since they were not favored then.

Regardless, the team has plenty of other Wells to pick from given the existence of the multiverse.

Earth 2 Wells returns to Earth 1 Central City

Earth 2 Harrison Wells will once again work with Team Flash in season 4. He decides to stay in Earth 1 Central City following the death of H.R. in the season 3 finale. According to Kreisberg, the scientist will go through a “fairly emotional journey” in the new season as he struggles to find his own place.

He starts to contemplate about his life and realizes that he does not have a life. “So season 4 for Harry is really realizing what he’s missing in his life and what it is he needs to become a better, more complete person,” Kreisberg added.

The past seasons gave us three versions of Harrison Wells, who each served their purpose.

We had the evil Harry in Season 1, who is actually the evil incarnate of Reverse Flash. Season 2 brought in Earth 2 Harrison, who helped the team take out Zoom. Then season 3 gave the comic relief version in H.R., a novelist from Earth 19 who pretended to be a genius scientist. It would be interesting to see which version of Harrison Wells we will see in "The Flash" season 4 and his purpose to the whole storyline.