During Barry’s absence, Wally West took over his place as the speedster in Central City. He got what he always wanted, and that is to be a hero. However, with the scarlet speedster out of the Speed Force, Kid Flash is back to being a sidekick. Now, a long-held theory claims that Wally eventually leaves the team. Interestingly, Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen, seems to hint at Kid Flash’s departure in a recent interview about Season 4.

What’s next for Wally?

Gustin acknowledges the fact that Wally “had always wanted to be a little more than he was” so it was only fitting that he got his much-deserved break as a sidekick after Barry left.

For six months, he was the speedster hero of Central City and he relished on this new role. However, now that Barry is back and loving being The Flash again, Wally is back to his season 3 story arc, where he questioned his purpose as Kid Flash. “Wally is going on his own journey, where he’s kind of wondering what exactly his purpose is,” Gustin tells Entertainment Weekly.

This leaves the big question, what’s next for Wally in “The Flashseason 4? Gustin seems to confirm fans’ theory that Wally eventually leaves the team to find his own purpose. “I don’t think he loved the idea of being Kid Flash, and I think he thought it was his time, and now Barry’s back and he doesn’t really know how he fits.”

Season 4 sidelines Kid Flash

It is worth mentioning that the first two episodes of “The Flash” season 4 sidelined Kid Flash.

The premiere focused on the return of Barry Allen. In the second episode, Wally was not of much use either since Barry zapped him out of their mission when Kilgore controlled his suit. It was as if these episodes already hinted at the character’s departure.

Moreover, the storyline for season 4 is built on the concept of “The Fastest Man Alive vs.

The Fastest Mind Alive.” There is really no need for Barry to have a sidekick in this case.

Kid Flash in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Fans pointed out Kid Flash’s appearance in the premiere of “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3 as a sign that he might leave team Flash to join the rogue heroes. It would make sense for him to join the Legends since they do not have a speedster yet.

His powers would be of more use with them, especially since they specifically deal with time travel. Kid Flash can help mitigate the time anomalies the team causes by speeding forward or backward in time.

Interestingly, Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Kid Flash, initially auditioned to play Firestorm in “Legends of Tomorrow.” However, his team asked him to audition for Wally West on “The Flash” instead.