Over 40 women have now come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Six of the women claim they were raped by the movie mogul who is currently in rehab for sex addiction. The latest to speak out is an anonymous woman who recently told the LA Times she was raped by Weinstein in 2013 at the Mr. C Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles police took to Twitter on Friday morning to announce that they have interviewed a "potential" sexual assault that involved Harvey Weinstein. Because the alleged incident happen only four years ago, the investigation which could lead to legal trouble for Weinstein.

Woman fears retaliation

The woman has chosen to keep her identity anonymous because she fears retaliation from Weinstein. She shared her story with the LA Times, stating that he showed up to her hotel unannounced after seeing her at an event. The woman offered to meet Weinstein in the lobby but claims he came to her door and forced his way in.

After forcing his way into her room, the woman says Weinstein became "aggressive and demanding" and proceed to rape her. She apparently shared the incident with multiple people, including a priest.

However, at the time, she was too petrified to report it to the police.

The unnamed woman told the LA Times that before Weinstein left her room, he told her how beautiful she was and said she "could work in Hollywood." He apparently continued to contact her after the incident, inviting her to parties at his home.

Why she came forward

During the interview, the woman stated that she feels "responsible" because she didn't talk about the incident for years. She said she regrets ever opening the hotel door, but really wishes she had said something to authorities sooner. Her children are the reason she came forward now.

According to LA Times, her son told her that she needed to be strong.

Her attorney is David Ring, a top sexual abuse attorney in Los Angeles. He shared that she is completely cooperating with police in order to give them the evidence they need to charge Weinstein.

This is not the only police investigation that involves Weinstein. The NYPD is now investigating the movie moguls actions related to the The New Yorker's story about Lucia Evans who told the magazine that she was forced into performing oral sex on Weinstein.

Weinstein is reportedly still in denial about his actions even after so many women have come forward. Page Six reports he is not doing well in sex addiction rehab, failing to stay awake in group meetings, and breaking rules by keeping his phone with him.

Since his sexual abuse scandal first made headlines two weeks ago, Weinstein has lost his wife, his membership in the Oscar Academy, his company, and his reputation in Hollywood.