There seems to be a hidden clue about Jack Pearson's death in almost every episode of "This Is Us." The show is unlike other shows because it keeps viewers not only watching each week, but it gives them lots of things to think about long after the credits have rolled.

There was a very big clue concerning Jack's death during last week's final moments. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, wants fans to pay close attention to the dog on the upcoming episode that will be aired on Tuesday, October 10. Most people, including this writer, did not know the Pearsons had a dog.

Dog and other clues

During the concluding moments of last week's episode, 17-year-old Randall, Kate, and Kevin were sitting on the couch with an unknown redheaded girl. Kate was holding a dog in her lap as she shed tears. Kevin was wearing a cast on his leg.

When Ventimiglia was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, he said the dog provided a big clue into the mystery concerning Jack's demise. Even though there was only a brief showing of the dog, those who know their dogs recognized it to be a black and white terrier mix. People are beginning to speculate that perhaps the dog had something to do with Jack's death. It is possible that Jack was running into a burning house to save the pet.

The house fire and dog are big pieces of the puzzle.

However, keep some other things in mind. Kevin is the one with a cast on his leg and who is the unknown redheaded girl sitting with the teenagers. Also, Rebecca’s Pittsburgh Steelers jersey is another clue. Details about these things will be revealed during upcoming episodes.


Previously, Kate told Toby that she blamed herself for her father's death.

Viewers don't know why she made that statement. Fans are believing it has something to do with the house fire and the dog.

Creator Dan Fogelman has been very careful to sprinkle clues throughout the series about the tragedy leading up to the patriarch's death. He said every little detail matters, and viewers should not miss any of them.

Fogelman has promised on many occasions that the mystery will be solved by the end of Season 2. He concluded that people might speculate, but there is no way they will know for sure what happened until it is televised. He is right because last season a lot of viewers theorized that Jack died in an accident while driving under the influence. That was not the case at all.

Watch "This Is Us" on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9 pm for more clues.