Spoiler alerts from ABb news indicate a difficult week is coming up for Victoria Newman. The months of stress are going to take a toll finally, and she will be involved in a serious automobile accident. Trying to keep Brash and Sassy afloat, win Billy back, and prevent Jack, Cane, and Ben from taking over her company have come at a cost. The drama associated with her father and brother fighting, Hilary exposing her dirty laundry, Juliet's lawsuit and Phyllis just being herself have pushed Vicky over the edge.There is also her rising temper since falling and hitting her head.

It is all going to come to a head this week on "The Young and the Restless."

Victoria is becoming out of control

Ever since Abby caused her to fall, Victoria has been displaying impulsive behavior. Last week on "The Young and the Restless," she experienced her worst episode to date. Hilary and Vicky were arguing in the Athletic Club when Ms. Newman began screaming at her nemesis, then walked away. Jordan and Hilary both stood speechless as if they could not believe what they had just witnessed.

Victoria began experiencing a headache and ringing in the ears, that seemed more severe than the previous times. It is obvious that her doctors missed something when they said she only needed to decrease stress.

She also implied to Phyllis that she and Billy had kissed and maybe more. Later Jack tells his ex-wife that this behavior is not like Victoria and she agrees.

The auto accident will change everything

Spoilers for Monday indicate that Vicky and Lily will make some changes where their teenagers are concerned. For this reason, Ms.

Newman will not have her accident prior to meeting with Lily. Whatever or whoever is responsible for the crash, the end result will be big changes. When Phyllis and Hilary hear the news, about the car crash, they may feel a tad bit guilty because they realize they pushed Victoria's buttons. Jack also might consider that he is partially responsible for adding stress to his former sister in law's life.

Billy, however, will be the one who is affected most of all.

Should medical exams after the crash reveal problems that were not initially detected, Victoria may need extensive treatment. Billy may realize that he has added to her stress while being oblivious that something was wrong. Ironically, Vicky has had episodes around Abby, Cane, Hilary, Ben, and Phyllis, but never her ex-husband. Billy may even blame his current lover for adding to the stress and decide to stay by Vicky's side through it all. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless weekday afternoons on CBS to find out what happens next.