"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry is currently in the middle of some major drama with baby daddy number three, Chris Lopez. The MTV mom has reportedly had some violent altercations with Chris, who is the father of her youngest son, Lux Russell Lowry. Insiders reveal that Kail and Chris are not on good terms at the moment, and the Lowry has even banned Lopez from seeing his son at this time, and it's all due to Chris' alleged violent temper.

Lopez's violent temper revealed?

According to reports, a source close to the "Teen Mom 2" star says that Chris Lopez has demonstrated abuse towards Kailyn Lowry on "more than one occasion." However, Kail is still determined to find a "safe way" for Chris to have an active relationship with his son despite the abuse allegations.

As previously reported, Chris even allegedly got violent with Kailyn while she was holding their infant son. The crew has even noticed that something's not right after Lopez reportedly punched a hole in Lowry's garage door during an altercation. The Ashley reports that Chris even tried to break into Kail's house to see his son, and caused damage to her door and window.

Chris refuses to acknowledge paternity of the baby

In addition to the violent outbursts, Kailyn Lowry has also decided to keep little Lux away from Chris Lopez due to the fact that he refuses to acknowledge paternity of the little boy. The "Teen Mom 2" star is refusing to let her son be around his father until everything gets sorted out.

Chris will reportedly not sign a document confirming that he is the father of the child, and Kail is said to be going through the court system to get all the legal matters straightened out.

The tables have turned

Meanwhile, Kailyn has allegedly been telling those close to her that Chris is very unmotivated to do anything with his life.

Sources reveal that Lopez has "no plans" and only works about three times a week. The insider also alleges that Chris hasn't bought anything for his son except for one box of diapers. However, things weren't always rocky between Chris and Kailyn. Back in September, the "Teen Mom 2" star revealed that she was "impressed" with how well Lopez was taking to fatherhood and that he was doing a "really good job" handling his daddy duties.

However, it looks like the tables have turned, and if the two can't get some sort of co-parenting relationship going soon, matters could get even messier between them.

Will Kail spill the beans on TV?

It still remains to be seen if Kailyn Lowry will address any of the abuse allegations on camera during an upcoming episode of "Teen Mom 2," but fans will be all ears whenever she starts to dish about her most recent Baby Daddy.