"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has reportedly banned her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, from seeing their infant son, Lux Russell Lowry. Kail recently revealed that she and Chris were not on the best of terms in their co-parenting relationship. Lowry told The Ashley's Reality Roundup that she didn't want to keep baby Lux away from his father, but that she was taking some time to figure out what works best for them in their co-parenting situation. However, Lowry did admit that as of right now the "circumstances aren't right" for Lux to have a relationship with Chris.

Chris Lopez has filed for custody of baby Lux

According to the report, there is much more to the story than the "Teen Mom 2" star is revealing. Chris Lopez has reportedly filed for custody of baby Lux, but has not signed an acknowledgement of paternity. Chris allegedly first refused to sign off on the paternity document in the hospital during the birth of his son. However, Chris not wanting to officially own up to being Lux's father isn't the only reason that Kailyn Lowry has been keeping the baby away from his dad.

Chris has allegedly been violent towards Kailyn

According to one source, Kailyn Lowry has decided that keeping baby Lux away from Chris Lopez is for the best after a couple of incidences of violent behavior from the baby's father.

The insider claims that Chris has gotten "violent" with Kailyn on "multiple" occasions, including one time while she was holding the baby, and that's not all. Lopez also allegedly tried to break into the "Teen Mom 2" star's house to see the baby and left damage on her door frame and window. Another time, a member of the MTV film crew noticed a hole punched in Kailyn's garage door, and the mother-of-three reportedly told one crew member that Chris had done it.

What's next for the pair?

So far, Kailyn Lowry has been able to keep Chris Lopez's alleged violent outbursts off of "Teen Mom 2," but it seems like it's only a matter of time before the news begins to travel. Kailyn may decide to file some sort of protection order against Chris if the behavior continues, especially since she has two other children living in her home.

It seems that Lowry and Lopez may need some help to sort through their co-parenting issues, and therapy and lawyers could soon be involved. However, if Chris wants custody he'll have to sign that paternity document, or possibly even take a DNA test to prove his little Lux's biological father.