"Teen Mom 2" star Javi Marroquin is opening up about his complicated relationship with his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry. As many fans know, Kailyn has talked about the possibility of moving out of the state of Delaware once her time on the MTV reality TV show is over. Kail, who recently graduated from college with a degree in communications, has expressed interest in working in the entertainment and television field beyond "Teen Mom 2," and has revealed that she likely needs to move somewhere like California to be successful in her career.

Javi speaks out about Kailyn's possible move

However, Javi Marroquin isn't about to let Kailyn Lowry pack up and move out of Delaware with their son, Lincoln. In fact, the reality TV dad says that if Kailyn wants to leave Delaware, she's more than welcome to leave. However, if she tries to take little Lincoln with her, the "Teen Mom" will be in for a huge fight. "I won't let it go easy," Javi says. Meanwhile, Marroquin says he's not too worried about Lowry leaving the state due to her current situation.

Kailyn's situation would make it hard for her to move

Javi says that it isn't likely that Kailyn will move out of state, especially since she has three children with three different fathers, all of whom live in Delaware.

As many "Teen Mom 2" viewers will remember, Jo Rivera, the father of Kailyn Lowry's oldest son, Isaac, moved to Delaware from Pennsylvania to be closer to his son after Kail and Javi moved out of state. Jo brought his now fiance, Vee, with him and they've made a life in Delaware, even welcoming a daughter Vivi while living in the state.

Meanwhile, Lowry also has baby daddy number three, Chris Lopez, to worry about. Kailyn and Chris welcomed their first child together over the summer. Although the pair is no longer together, they have been co-parenting a bit. Two months after giving birth, Kailyn Lowry decided to name her son Lux Russell Lowry, without much consent from Chris, who was allegedly dragging his feet on the name.

Reports began to fly that Kail and Chris weren't seeing eye to eye and that he wasn't happy about Kailyn giving the baby her last name.

Baby daddies unite?

It seems that if Kailyn Lowry does try to move out of Delaware with her three sons that all three of her baby daddies could unite against her to try and stop her from moving. However, if the "Teen Mom 2" star did want to pursue her career goals in another state, it seems she could always fly back and forth while the children were with their fathers in Delaware.