The waiting game is almost over for "Supernatural" season 13, and, as the series moves closer to its release, new predictions have also started making the rounds. Shortly after a brief synopsis of the first episode was released, the whispers and theories about the next episode have also begun rolling out.

According to TV Line, Episode 2 titled "The Rising Son" will highlight Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and Alt-Michael's (Christian Keyes) face-off in the Apocalypse World. Michael, the most powerful Archangel in the alternate world, was featured during the fifth season of the mega-popular series.

What to expect: Lucifer and Alt-Michael's face-off

The latest predictions suggest that "Supernatural" season 13 will welcome an old character, who might come face-to-face with Lucifer in the alternate world. As previously hinted by the series executive producer Andrew Gabb, he revealed that Alt-Michael is going to be the game-changer in the new season.

"Lucifer, on our planet, is the single biggest, baddest guy around in a lot of different ways." Gabb hinted. "Over in apocalypse world, the game's changed a little bit. He's still an archangel, he's still an incredibly powerful creature, but he may not be the most powerful."

The entire plot of episode 2 remains a little fuzzy for now, but considering the fact that an extremely powerful archangel is returning to the supernatural world, it seems like a bunch of exciting events are already underway.

Who is Alt-Michael in Lucifer's past life?

Looking back on the events during season 5, Michael originally wanted to use Dean (Jensen Ackles) as his vessel to destroy Lucifer. However, before the conflict-ridden situations all started, Michael and Lucifer were once brothers, but when Lucifer refused to follow God's orders, Michael also refused to take his side.

The appearance of Archangel Michael may open tons of storylines, but what's making it more thrilling is the possibility of Lucifer and Alt-Michael's face-off, who he now considers to be a sworn enemy.

On the other hand, it is still not known yet if the return of this old character has something to deal with the new face, Jack (Alexander Calvert), Lucifer's only son.

However, several theories suggest that Michael won't sit idly and watch Jack bring harm to the Winchester brothers.

Everything remains just speculation for now until “Supernatural” season 13 hits the small screens on October 12, Thursday.