The new "Justice League" movie will finally kickoff this November and fan-made theories have already made the rounds. Enough predictions about the much awaited film have filled the social media feeds before its release, but, instead of additional spoilers, the latest prediction now claims that a sequel of the movie is already in the making.

Is this true?

It seems as though a sequel might be too early, but, given the fact that a DC Marvel movie would usually consume a lot of time filming, it's a good decision to start working on the next piece as early as now.

JK Simmons, 62, who plays Commissioner Gordon in the movie, also revealed that a script is already being developed, according to Digital Spy. He went on to say, "They're working on scripts for "The Batman" and for the next "Justice League" movie.

What we still need to know about Justice League's 'Superman'

The long wait is almost over for "Justice League" fanatics. But, just weeks before the highly anticipated film hits the big screen, exciting revelations about superhero characters are now ramping up in the headlines. Over the past few weeks, the spoilers have been divided to each protagonist character, but, Superman (Henry Cavill) seems to be getting more attention.

DC Extended Universe has kept mum about Superman's definite role in the upcoming movie.

Tons of speculations previously claimed that the well-loved character would come into view in a totally different shape, or the "bad guy" to be exact.

However, in the middle of whispers and rumors about this fan-favorite character, the puzzling role remains unknown and the producers have also yet to give the final say. While everything about the new "Justice League" movie looks fuzzy despite all the frenzied predictions, Cavill has recently dropped a few exciting details about his character, which allows his fans to get a few glimpses of Superman, according to IBTimes.

"Superman to the League is a, he has a sense of what is missing. He has completely changed Batman's perspective of these characters with special abilities and powers." he explained.

Is the sequel originally part of the plan?

The reports from Digital Spy further claimed that the sequel was not meant in the first place. It has not been clearly stated as to why a sequel was immediately decided, in fact, producer/TV personality, Deborah Snyder, had once made it clear that the original plan was to make one "Justice League" movie only.

"We're only ever planning and we are only doing "Justice League," just "Justice League." One movie," she said, as per Screen Rant. The Sequel Movie may not be originally part of the whole plan prior to the production, but, given the fact that the upcoming film was getting great reviews before its release, the creators may have thought that a follow-up movie is a well-deserved one.