It has been recently announced that Warner Bros. just canceled the third movie of the popular television series, “Sex in the City." The news was received with disappointment, especially from the fans, as the main actors revealed how they felt about the sudden turn of events.

It has been almost a decade since the first movie adaptation of the popular romantic comedy series was released. Because of the reception, a sequel was released in 2010 and then it was announced that a second sequel was in the works, but it seems like it will not push through.

Sarah Jessica Parker airs disappointment

In an interview with Extra, actress Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that the third Sex And The City movie has just been canceled. The production was announced back in December 2016 and all the main cast had signed on. The movie was suddenly scrapped by Warner Bros. weeks before it was about to start filming, which was reportedly scheduled this month.

Even before the announcement of the second sequel was released, Parker had disclosed back in 2014 that one last chapter had already been planned. Moreover, singer-actress Jennifer Hudson, who starred in the first “Sex in the City” film as Carrie's assistant, also hinted that a third movie would most likely take place.

Parker, who portrays the role of shoe-loving columnist Carrie Bradshaw, pointed out that the production has already prepared a beautiful yet heartbreakingly relatable script and story. She added that she’s more disappointed at not being able to tell the rest of the story now, especially when the fans have wanted this movie more than they did.

Reason for movie cancellation

The sudden cancellation of the third “Sex and the City” movie came as a shock, not just to the fans, but to the actors who have signed on for the final ride as well. There are rumors that actress Kim Cattrall was the reason why the production was canceled.

The Daily Mail reported that Cattrall had outrageous demands wherein she allegedly told Warner Bros.

that she would only push through with the final movie if her other movies were also produced by the said studio. However, when the studio refused her demands, she reportedly walked away from the movie, which triggered the entire cancellation of the production.

As soon as the reports about the movie being canceled came out, Cattrall lost no time in debunking the rumors, claiming that the only thing she demanded was to make the third movie. Since the news about Cattrall came out, fans have flocked to support the actress on social media.

Parker and Cattrall did not reveal the real reasons behind the cancellation of the third “Sex and the City” movie and Warner Bros. has also refrained from releasing an official statement regarding the reason behind the cancellation.