Several months ago, Floriana Lima who portrays Maggie Sawyer on "Supergirl" was reportedly reduced to a part-time role. The move raised speculations among fans, which included the future of her relationship with Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) once “Supergirl” season 3 returns.

For those who missed it, Alex proposed to Maggie during the Season 2 finale of "Supergirl." The scene kept viewers hanging, with Maggie not responding to the proposal. Most believe that an answer will likely be known in the third season before news broke out that Lima would have a reduced role.

Thus, things are now a bit complicated though the reported casting of Carlos Bernard may offer hints of things to come.

Maggie's father is coming

With limited appearances, the probability of seeing Alex and Maggie tie the knot just got a new element in the mix in Bernard. The "24" actor will reportedly play Maggie's father according to TV Line.

With a new character, the same report weighed in on the frequency of Lima's appearances. If true, showrunners would maximize Lima's appearances which may include Alex and Maggie getting married.

According to producer Greg Berlanti, the downgrading of Lima's character was made because the actress wanted to explore her options. Those could, however, change moving forward and likely be tied up to Bernard's tenure on the show.

Will there be a wedding?

With the showrunners leaving “Supergirl” fans guessing, two logical scenarios are looming for the Alex-Floriana romance. The obvious and simplest one is the wedding taking place.

If so, Bernard could be the one getting in between the two. Parents do get involved and the fact that Maggie holds a contentious past with hers may be factored in.

It is a scenario that hardly comes as a surprise, one that could delay the actual wedding ceremonies with Maggie's past dug up because of her father.

Sexuality is seen as the issue that would arise. From here, producers need to be careful since a controversial script may draw the ire of the LGBT community.

With Bernard playing the role, the decision to cast him as the father is seen as a wise choice.

He showed that when he portrayed Tony Almeida on “24,” a prominent figure in that series.

With or without a wedding, the Alex-Maggie relationship is one of the major plots fans are eager to see in "Supergirl” Season 3. There are several storylines to cover, including the outlook of Kara (Melissa Benoist), who has been struggling to move forward since the departure of Mon-El.

Supergirl” Season 3 returns on Oct. 9 on CW, and hopefully answers plenty of questions left after the Season 2 finale.