The Late Show host, Stephen Colbert, is no stranger to taking down President Donald J. Trump in his monologues and segments. Now, however, he has turned his attention to Trump's own cabinet, in a new segment called "Skeletons in the Cabinet." And the one to feel the talk show host's sting is, of course, Scott Pruitt, who is an avid climate change denier, yet he serves as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt as Oklahoma Attorney General often at odds with the EPA

The new segment takes a looks at the activities of cabinet secretaries, and of course, Colbert pokes fun at what they've been doing.

He started out his new segment by pointing out that in the past, the guy whose job was protecting the environment was anything but environment-friendly.

As Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt sued the EPA more than a dozen times. Because of this, The Late Show host likened his appointment as EPA chief to being like "Voldemort in charge of Hogwarts." Colbert then joked that Trump has already appointed the Dark Lord of the magical world as the head of the Health and Human Services.

Hiring More Security for himself and preventing scientists from talking about Climate Change

Colbert then went on to blast what Pruitt has been doing as head of the EPA so far. One of the things Colbert joked about was Pruitt hiring more security for himself.

Over a dozen more security agents have been added to provide round-the-clock protection for Pruitt himself. Because of this, Colbert reminded everyone, that Donald Trump's own son, Eric Trump, only has two secret service agents guarding him.

But then again, that's not all Pruitt has done as head of the EPA. The talk show host also pointed out that he pulled the agency's own climate change scientists from a climate change talk.

This action has of course drawn much criticism, prompting the agency to clarify that the scientists are allowed to join the conference, but they are not allowed to speak because the conference is "not an EPA conference." But what is this conference that Pruitt is banning his scientists from talking? It's the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, and the muzzling of these scientists have prompted several protests.

Silencing of climate scientists could continue

As Pruitt himself is a climate change denier, and his muzzling of the scientists are only furthering his own agenda, Colbert pointed out that the silencing of these scientists would only go on further. But how will these scientists give that message across? Colbert suggested that they do charades.

The talk show host then stood up from his desk and played a game with "Stay Human" John Batiste. The host acted out one of the perceived effects of climate change, and Batiste correctly "guessing" that it was anthropogenic mass extinction.

Colbert also suggested that they act like mimes, with the host acting out stronger hurricanes and deforestation forcing animals into smaller habitats. Finally, in typical Colbert fashion, he ended the segment by doing the mime pulling a rope act. Why? Because according to Colbert, "only because I'm good at it."