Former FBI Director James Comey appeared in Congress on Thursday to give his much-anticipated testimony regarding his conversations with Donald Trump prior to his termination. While the story has dominated the news cycle over the last 24 hours, Stephen Colbert decided to take a much more lighthearted approach.

Colbert on Comey

James Comey has been one of the most polarizing figures in American politics over the last year, dating back to the middle of the 2016 presidential election. Initially, Donald Trump was a fan of Comey after the then FBI director decided to highlight potentially damaging information about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pertaining to her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

When all was said and done, the drama surrounding Clinton proved to be over nothing, but it cast enough doubt in the minds of the American people that Trump would go on to pick up the general election win last November. Trump's love of Comey proved to be short lived, however, as the ex FBI head would go on to lead the investigation into Russian election interference, which included looking into whether or not the Kremlin were in cahoots with the president. After being fired last month for allegedly not taking a "loyalty" oath, Comey ripped into the president while giving a tense testimony on Thursday. In response, Stephen Colbert decided to give his thoughts laced with humor during the June 8 edition of "The Late Show" on CBS.

During the Thursday night edition of "The Late Show," host Stephen Colbert poked fun at the James Comey hearing, while taking a jab at Donald Trump on the process.

"Happy Saint Comey's Day!," Colbert said. "Everybody celebrates Comey day in their own," he said, before explaining "we celebrated by watching TV and writing jokes as fast as we can."

Stephen Colbert expressed his enthusiasm to hear James Comey's testimony because the former FBI director made sure to detail every meeting he had with Donald Trump.

After trolling how the start of the testimony was handled, Colbert then mimicked Comey's voice in explaining why he thought he was fired, saying, "And then I read the Russian dossier and saw what gave the president pleasure, and thought 'oh no.'" Colbert's joke was in reference to the unconfirmed allegations that the billionaire real estate mogul took part in a "golden shower" sex act with Russian prostitutes.

Colbert's questions

Later on in "The Late Show," a skit was played where Stephen Colbert was edited into the testimony to ask his own questions to James Comey. Colbert had his questions cut into Comey's real answers, while going as far as asking if Donald Trump had colluded with Russia.

Moving forward

While comedians are having fun with James Comey and the drama surrounding the White House, questions remain as to how the president will handle the fallout. To the surprise of many, Donald Trump stayed quiet on Twitter during the testimony, leaving only his lawyer to publicly dismiss what went down.