After seeing Gwen Stefani sporting a huge diamond ring, there are swirling rumors that she and Blake Shelton are now engaged. The report emerged after the two were said to be planning to get married and wanting to have a baby.

However, some fans are wondering if, at 48-years-old, the former "No Doubt" frontwoman can still have a child. Can Stefani still give Shelton a kid of his own in spite of her age?

The possibility of Stefani getting pregnant

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are said to be trying hard to have a baby. In fact, there are reports that the “Don’t Speak” hitmaker wants nothing but to give her boyfriend a kid of his own.

But, it looks like she may be having a problem to conceive because of her age.

In an interview with the Hollywood Life, Dr. Sherry A. Ross, a women’s health expert and the author of “She-logy,” talked about the possibility of getting pregnant at 48. She explained that it is possible to conceive and deliver a healthy baby at full term. However, the mother’s age plays an important role in determining the possibility of bearing a child. Also, it affects the likelihood of staying pregnant for nine months with the woman’s own egg cells. So, with Stefani’s age, the chance of “getting and staying pregnant is less than one percent.”

The alleged secret engagement

Meanwhile, fans are now asking if Gwen Stefani is now engaged to Blake Shelton.

“Nope, Gwen and Blake are not engaged, not yet at least,” a source close to the mother-of-three told Hollywood Life.

The insider explained that the band that the former wife of Gavin Rossdale was seen wearing wasn’t an engagement ring, but just a fashion accessory. “Some jewelry she decided to wear, it was no big deal,” the informant said.

Aside from confirming that Stefani is not yet engaged, the source also insisted that she is not yet pregnant. Although the couple is looking forward to having a baby of their own, they are not expecting yet. The “Hollaback Girl” would surely tell the good news to her friends and family but, there is no news about it so far.

The insider revealed that Stefani is not the type who conceals secrets for a long time.

If there is an update on her relationship with Shelton, she would definitely announce it to the world, therefore there is no secret engagement. The two are very much in love and are so into each other, so it might happen real soon. Unfortunately, fans won't see them together again on "The Voice."