With Ami Brown still undergoing chemotherapy, the fate of "Alaskan Bush People" season 8 is still uncertain. But many are hoping that the show will still return, especially as the fans want updates about the condition of Ami. Aside from that, followers also want to know what the Brown children are up to.

Discovery is still silent about the show but there is a big possibility that Discovery will renew the show because of its good ratings. The premiere of "Alaskan Bush People" season 7 garnered 2.6 million viewers. It also brought 2.8 million viewers for its follow-up installment.

However, the health crisis of Ami might hinder the show's renewal.

Rain's update

Although everything seems quiet around the Brown family, Ami and Billy's youngest daughter Rain is active on social media. She constantly posts on Instagram, while giving updates about her family once in a while. The latest update she did was about the second round of therapy that her mother will undergo.

Aside from that, fans noticed a cryptic message in Rain's Snapchat, which may mean that they are already filming season 8 of the show. Rain posted on Snapchat with a caption that says she just got off work. She added, "What am I working on you ask? You all may never know." But she said that her followers will find out soon.

Does this mean that the family is already working on season 8? Aside from that, she also posted on the video section of Snapchat. Like her previous post, she addressed a question to her fans. She asked, "Why am I up so early and why do I look like a mess? I don't know." Like her previous post, she also ended it with a statement that her fans will find out about it soon.

Is the new season in the works?

The 14-year-old calls herself as an A2 or a Production Audio Technician. She also has many photos in the set of previous "Alaskan Bush People" episodes where she is helping out with the sound recording. It appears that she is having a great time while doing it.

However, her current updates on Snapchat may not mean that "Alaskan Bush People" season 8 is already filming.

It is possible that Rain is working on a different project. But fans cannot help but speculate about it, especially as many of them are excited to see the Brown family on screen once again.

If they are indeed filming a new season, fans are expecting to know more details about Ami's condition. The show's followers also want to know what the Brown children are doing and if Noah and Gabe are still on the show.