On "The Bold and the Beautiful" Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra had too much outside interference, to sustain their relationship. Neither did they have a clean break when it ended, thanks in part to his sister. It was Steffy who initiated the fiasco when she called Caroline and asked her to return to L.A. She believed her sibling should be with his baby mama and not the redhead he was falling in love with. Because of her meddling, Thomas abruptly broke things off with Sally, and neither of them had a clue how much they were manipulated. Neither did they know how much-unfinished business they have between them.

If Liam continues his friendship with Ms. Spectra, his wife may bring up the unresolved issues at a later date.

Thomas and Sally the star-crossed lovers

Thomas and Sally had overcome a lot of adversity to be together, but his family just kept plotting against them. Caroline came to town and went along with her uncle's lie that she was dying. Thomas decided to go to New York and stay with his baby mama until she passed away, and then return to Sally. He came back to L.A. briefly after Bill had Spectra torched, and Sally suffered smoke inhalation. When he went to her hospital bed he did not look like a man in love, but one who was doing what was expected of him.

The final nail was put in the coffin when Thomas rudely called Sally to tell her Caroline was in remission and he was going to stay in New York.

Such an abrupt end to the star-crossed lovers who once had so much promise. Unknown to either Thomas or Sally, Caroline made up the story about being in remission in order to explain why she did not die. Steffy and Liam are both aware of the whole sordid situation.

Steffy may bring the unresolved issues to light

Soapssheknows.com spoilers indicate that Steffy will not like all the time her husband is spending with Ms.

Spectra, and on Thursday she confronted her. Sally held her ground so Steffy may become so enraged that she uses her knowledge against her rival. She may divulge the unresolved issues, in order to drive a wedge between Liam and Sally. Thomas is happy with his baby mama and his son, so even if the entire truth were revealed to him, he would probably stay in New York.

He would see no reason to deal with the unfinished business he has with his former lover.

Should Liam's wife tell his new BFF that he knew Caroline was not dying, and also that Bill, set fire to her building, it will be epic. Sally will feel that the man she considered her Savior was using her for his own selfish purposes. She may decide Thomas needs to know and give him a call, or she may move on without complete closure. Steffy could, however, decided to sweep it all under the rug forever. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 pm. for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."