Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" ended with Steffy standing in the doorway of Liam's new office. She was shocked as she saw her husband and Sally Spectra embracing each other. Later Steffy went in and had a long talk with her spouse that left her rattled. he admitted to her that he purchased the Spectra building for $50 million dollars and gave it to Sally. Liam believes he owes her that much because his father targeted her from the day she came to LA. Steffy does not agree and by the end of Thursday's episode, she is standing in Sally's office letting her know just how she feels.

Dudley "doo gooder" is righting wrongs and helping everyone else and it may be at the expense of his marriage.

Steffy and Wyatt both attack Liam for his choice

Liam is showing a side of himself that his wife is not familiar with. When she questions his purchasing the Spectra building and giving it to Sally free and clear his answer stuns her. Liam basically says that what he does within the walls of "Spencer Publications" is none of her business. Steffy is pretty rattled and tries to get an answer for why her spouse is helping the woman who stole millions in fashion designs from "Forrester Creations".

As soon as Steffy leaves the office, Wyatt comes in. He and Justin had been looking over some things and figured out that Liam paid 50 million for Sally's family business and the gave it away to her.

He cannot believe the decisions his brother is making and tries to get some understanding, but is unsuccessful. Like his sister in law, Wyatt is not able to comprehend his brother's devotion to the Spectra's over his own family business.

Sally and Steffy square off

When Steffy leaves the Spencer building she heads over to "Spectra Fashions," and gives Sally a piece of her mind.

She asks why Ms. Spectra did not leave town and lets her know that Liam made her aware of their businesses arrangement. Stefy accuses Sally of being a damsel in distress who first received help from her brother and now her husband. Sally says she intends to pay back the money that Liam paid for the building but Steffy does not buy it.

Ms. Forrester tells her rival that if she sponges off of anyone else in her family she will see to it that this time around Ms. Spectra will be prosecuted. In the back of her mind, Steffy probably remembers Bill saying that Liam is developing feelings for Sally, and she may be feeling it as well. She knows that she is partially responsible for taking Thomas away from Sally, and may be concerned that she may lose her husband as payback. Stay tuned to weekday afternoons to "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS and find out if Steffy pushes Sally into her husband's arms.