Jenelle Evans just celebrated her wedding last weekend to David Eason and she appears to be very happy that she went through with the wedding. She has revealed that none of her family was invited to the nuptials, but she was thankful that she would finally have that family united that she always wanted. However, when it comes to her "Teen Mom 2" fans, they don't always agree with her decisions. While some were happy for her on her wedding day, others were disappointed that she would marry someone who had been so controlling of her. But the lack of support and understanding doesn't stop there.

When Evans recently revealed that her daughter was sick, fans immediately labeled her a bad mother.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans recently shared that her daughter was really sick and she was merely venting to her fans, sharing that she hoped that Ensley would get better soon. However, it appears that this isn't the case. In fact, one person told her that she needed to get off social media, so she could care for her daughter. Perhaps it didn't occur to the person that Ensley could indeed be sleeping and Jenelle's tweet about her daughter was the first break she had all day.

Could be the flu

Some of Jenelle Evans' followers guessed that Ensley could be sick with the flu. Of course, Ensley is staying at home with her mother, but her brothers Kaiser and Jace could bring germs back from daycare and school.

Just because she's not in daycare doesn't mean she isn't exposed to these illnesses that may face these children.

Of course, when Evans says that her daughter is sick, many people think back to just a few weeks ago when it was revealed that Ensley had been born with THC in her system.

Positive THC test

THC is an ingredient found in marijuana and fans immediately assumed that she had been born addicted to the drug. Barbara has revealed that she knew the test was positive but hadn't said anything to "Teen Mom 2" fans. When the news broke, there was never any mention of how much of the drug was actually in her system.

Instead, fans assumed that they knew what they were talking about and that Ensley had been born with a drug addiction. To this day, Ensley still lives with her parents and the authorities wouldn't let her live there if they should she was in danger.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet that Ensley is sick? Are you surprised she's not getting more support? Do you think she's sick because of the THC found in her blood at birth?