On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" the distance between Liam and his wife grew a little wider. Steffy is determined to bridge the gap between her husband and his father, but Liam does not want to make amends with Dollar Bill. He tells his spouse over and over that his father deserves to be punished and he will not step down from running the company. Steffy is so determined to keep her family intact that she even goes to Brooke and begs her not to leave her husband. After getting nowhere with her father in law's wife Steffy drops by "Spencer Publications" and that's when she sees Sally Spectra in her spouse's arms.

Steffy is siding with Dollar Bill Spencer

Since forcing his father to make him CEO of the family business, Liam is finding that his wife's loyalties are divided Steffy has made it clear that she wants him to forgive his father for causing the fire at the Spectra building on fire. She told her husband that she talked to Dollar Bill and he desires to reconcile with his son. Liam believes Bill only wants to get his foot back in the door of "Spencer Publications" and will not budge from his position.

One reason Steffy is pushing so hard is that she is afraid of what her father in law might do to get revenge on the son who took away his power. She knows that once he has been crossed, Dollar Bill Spencer will seek revenge.

She wants to smooth things over to protect her husband and get him back into Bill's good graces. Both Liam and Brooke expressed their surprise that Steffy is siding with Bill. And she is frustrated that she can't get her spouse or his mother in law to budge. The worst, however, is waiting for Ms. Forrester behind the doors of the office her husband now occupies.

Sally expresses her gratitude to Liam

As Steffy is trying to mend her broken family Sally Spectra is across town dancing for joy. She has called in contractors to resurrect her chared building and put all her staff on retainers. Saul, Darlita, Shirley and even Koko are excited about their good fortune and want to know who is behind their stroke of good luck.

Sally keeps mum and later goes to "Spencer Publications" to let Liam know how appreciative she is.

Sally comes in on the end of a meeting where Liam has extended medical benefits and maternity leave to Spencer employees. He also is giving college scholarships to qualifying children of Spencer employees. After everyone leaves Ms. Spectra once again lets her benefactor know just how much his generosity means to her. As they are embracing, Steffy comes to the door with a look of utter shock on her face. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."