The season 2 finale of the “Shadowhunters” left Clary and Jace in a good place. Jace told Clary he loves her and Clary showed how much Jace meant to her when he asked the angel Raziel to bring him back from the dead. It is safe to assume then that they will finally be more open about their relationship and feelings for one another in season 3. However, the demon Lilith has plans that threaten their relationship.

A mundane approach

Now that Simon is out of the picture (as competition over Clary’s affection), Jace and Clary can finally focus on each other.

Where season 2 left them, Clary finally allowed herself to rekindle things between her and Jace. They can finally act on their feelings without hurting anyone when “Shadowhunters” returns for season 3. Expect Clary and Jace to pick up where they left off. It may be too early to say that they are already a couple when the new season opens, however, executive producer Todd Slavkin hinted in a tweet that this is where their relationship is eventually headed. In response to a fan’s request, Slavkin assured that Jace and Clary will get to know each other better in the upcoming season. They will go out on dates, mundane style.

Lilith in control

However, problems are bound to arise and meddle with their relationship, especially in the form of a demon named Lilith.

Jace will be under her influence in “Shadowhunters” season 3. Slavkin mentioned that the new season is highly influenced by Cassandra Clare’s “City of Fallen Angels.” In this story, Lilith, who is the new Big Bad in season 3, messes with Jace’s mind because he is now vulnerable to demonic influence following his resurrection.

Viewers may remember what Jace told Clary in the season 2 finale when he said that there are bound to be consequences to her wish to bring him back. That tease at the end of the episode “Beside Still Water,” where we saw Jace weakened by an unseen force, is the consequence. It is safe to assume that the demon Lilith already got to him.

At some point in the story, Lilith orders Jace to kill Clary. He also controls him to harm his fellow Shadowhunters.

Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jace Herondale, said in an interview at the San Diego Comic-Con that Jace gets visions in season 3. He also revealed that Jace will connect with a new character more than anybody else (see video below at 3:00 mark). This new character certainly sounds like Lilith, given how Jace’s storyline goes in “City of Fallen Angels.”