A lot happens in the “Shadowhuntersseason 3 if the trailer is any indication. There’s a lot to talk about-- from Lilith’s arrival, the new demon hunting the streets of New York to Magnus stripped of his warlock title and more. Below we have summed up what we have learned about the installment from the trailer, which Freeform released during the New York Comic Convention.

The Seelie Queen controls Simon

What did Simon trade for Maia’s safety with the Seelie Queen in the Season 2 finale? Did he bargain with some favors for the queen? It seems she has taken a special interest in the Daylighter.

Simon mentioned something about her finally getting “what she wanted” and dropping by the Seelie Court if she wants to see him, so he can sing her songs or teach her how to make tacos. Clearly, the Seelie Queen wants to learn some mundane things from Simon.

Clary and Jace are together

Finally, Jace and Clary can be more open about their feelings for each other. There is no more hiding this time. However, it is not easy for Jace since the demon Sebastian is taunting his visions and telling him to kill Clary. We can expect to see Jace distance himself from Clary for fear that he might actually kill her.

An unseen force torments Jace

Following his resurrection in Season 2, the Shadowhunter becomes vulnerable to demon influence.

It is likely that the greater demon Lilith has a hold of Jace. Season 3 of the “Shadowhunters” follows the fourth book in Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” series titled “The City of Fallen Angels.” In this book, Lilith gains control over Jace’s mind and tells him to do evil things.

Magnus loses his warlock title

Magnus loses his title as a warlock in the “Shadowhunters” Season 3 according to TV Line.

Being a warlock meant everything to Magnus, so it greatly affects him when he loses this title. Alec is there to comfort him. However, will the loss affect his relationship with Alec too? The Shadowhunter clearly does not mind that Magnus is no longer a warlock. All he cares about is how his boyfriend feels.

Demon possession

The New York Institute is on alert to a new kind of demon possession. The demon prowls the streets for its victims, and it is up to the Shadowhunters to stop it before it can kill more humans.

Luke reasons with his partner

Luke tries to talk some sense into his partner about what she knows about the werewolves in New York. He warns her that bad things can happen with this knowledge. It seems that she did not heed his warning and she ends up in trouble (see 1:06 mark in the trailer).

Lilith’s grim warning

Lilith wants to “usher in a new dawn” of evil. It is likely that she works with Sebastian in fulfilling this plan.

The trailer for Season 3 of the “Shadowhunters” promises more action, magic, and mystery. Will our heroes defeat Lilith and prevent her plan from happening? Find out when the show returns on April 3, 2018.