"Roswell," a drama based on the Melinda Metz book "Roswell High," is going to have a Reboot at the CW. A report from Variety confirmed that this one-hour drama series will center on the daughter of undocumented immigrants in the hometown of Roswell, New Mexico. According to recent reports from The Hollywood Reporter, CW is currently teaming up with the "Originals" producer, Carina McKenzie, on this upcoming reboot project.

The project is reportedly in negotiations and McKenzie will executive produce the upcoming drama. The plotline also centers on the daughter of an immigrant who later on discovers that her teenage crush is a police officer.

In return, she will be featured protecting his secrets as they will also reconnect in order to investigate his origins.

The original 'Roswell' series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Roswell" was originally produced by the Regency Television and the 20th Century Fox. It was first developed for Fox and was originally based on the YA book by Metz and Laura J. Burns. Both were known to have written great stories for televisions.

On its upcoming reboot, the drama will still revolve around the town of Roswell and on the location of a certain UFO incident back in 1947. Behr, Katherine Heigl, and Brendan Fehr were the stars which portrayed alien roles during the original shows. The network hasn't given further details yet about its upcoming cast list.

Reboot is in high demand

Following the announcement of the project, it was also learned that reboots have remained in high demand at the different TV networks. Perhaps, the network has planned to get "Roswell" in the works to boost their TV ratings this season.

Reboots are also doing well on cable and the different streaming sites.

While "Roswell" is a known story about UFOs, this upcoming reboot is reportedly exploring topics about forbidden love. This announcement came shortly after the "Originals" revealed that they are now on their fifth season with the CW. While the series reboot is currently in the development stage, the "Originals" is reportedly returning to the network in the midseason.

According to Variety, Amblin Television and Bender-Brown Productions will be working together with Warner Bros. Television. It will be the next reboot project for the Bender-Brown Productions, following its recently completed project, "Seven Seconds," a drama series with Netflix.