Baron and Toluca” is going to make its way to Netflix if its impassioned fan base has anything to say about it. The potential series, a science fiction adventure that would reunite former “Roswell” co-stars Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr, has been looking for a home since mid-2016. Fans have rallied behind the actors in hopes that Netflix will be that home.

‘B + T’ for Netflix VP Cindy Holland

Previous efforts from those eager to get a look at “Baron and Toluca” beyond the initial pitch video have included social media campaigns to raise awareness about the potential series, sending postcards, honey, and tea to the Netflix offices, and filling out customer feedback information via Netflix’s website to make sure the company knows just how interested fans are in getting the show a slot amongst its original programming.

Now, the fans have a particular person in mind to receive their gifts of tea and honey.

The tea and honey became a symbol for fans of the show as bee and tea emojis were used as shorthand in social media conversations as buzz for the project grew. Now, in an effort to really make that buzz as loud as possible, fans are banding together to send honey infused tea k-cups to Cindy Holland, the Vice President of Content Acquisition for Netflix’s original content.

Holland was chosen as the recipient for the gifts of the campaign because of her position at Netflix and the streaming site’s massive success with original content.

Amongst its most streamed shows are its original series “Fuller House” and “Daredevil” according to independent ratings bureaus. Holland, as VP of original content, is the one poised to make decisions about which shows make the cut.

Phase 3 encourages “quantity over quality”

This particular phase of the campaign, following on the heels of the holiday effort for the series, makes it easy on fans who want to get involved.

If they missed out on contributing in previous phases, it’s incredibly simple to get involved now. The group of fans leading the charge have created an Amazon wishlist of k-cups that others can purchase, and Amazon will send directly to Holland to get her attention, complete with a message about the show:


We want B+T (Get it BEE Honey + TEA!) Starring Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino to be picked up by Netflix! Go to 4 more info! Enjoy your Honey/Tea K-Cups!”

Fans can participate in the campaign without even making a trip to the post office or researching where to direct their goodies. Organizers of the effort remind fans that with this easy system, there are no excuses when it comes to skipping out. There are more detailed instructions in the video below:

The group is hoping to get as many k-cups to Holland by the end of January as possible, to get her attention, and show her that they mean business when it comes to “Baron and Toluca.”

Delfino and Fehr give fans hope

For those wondering if the previous phases have been making any headway with Netflix, the streaming giant is staying mum.

They have yet to publicly comment on the interest in the show, though Brendan Fehr did offer some reassuring words for fans recently. He shared on his twitter account that they were “making progress.”

Delfino also shared her excitement for the latest phase of fan efforts on her twitter account.

Stay tuned for more campaign details, and further progress as the information becomes available.