Back in 2011, Jason Momoa was speaking at a Comic-Con panel about his role as Khal Drago on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” When asked about the lengths he could go to while playing Drago, Momoa made an unfortunate comment relating to raping beautiful women. At the time the audience laughed, but with the ongoing Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment saga, he has been brought to task for his remarks, for which he has now apologized.

Jason Momoa of ‘Game of Thrones’ apologizes for tasteless remarks

In the tweet and video included here, Momoa can be seen sitting at the Comic-Con panel with his "Game of Thrones" co-stars, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey.

He can also be heard saying how much he loves the science fiction and fantasy genre of television and film, going on to say there are many things you can fictionally do and get away with, including ripping someone’s tongue out and raping beautiful women.

The video was released on Twitter and around 18 hours later, Momoa headed to Instagram to apologize for his unfortunate remark. He said he had awoken in Australia to see the “justified reactions” to his distasteful joke made in 2011.

He admitted that apologizing now will not take away those “hurtful words,” saying he had personally seen the “painful torment” from rape and sexual harassment among his own friends and family.

Momoa concluded by saying he had made a “truly tasteless comment,” that it was unacceptable and went on to sincerely apologize for what he said with a heavy heart.

As reported by the Guardian, this wasn’t the only ill thought out comment by Momoa.

They quoted a comment made by the actor during an interview with the New York Post in 2011 where Momoa said he was "raping Emilia" (Clarke). He said his character loves her but is hurting her and she is crying. He went on to say they could have made the scene longer but added that he is not a rapist and that he prefers his women to enjoy sex.

Ben Affleck facing criticism for sexual harassment

As reported by the New York Daily News, the resurfacing of the Comic-Con video clip of Momoa comes as many women are coming forward with sexual harassment and assault claims against Harvey Weinstein.

As the scandal broadens, Ben Affleck, currently co-starring with Momoa’s character Aquaman in “Justice League,” has also been targeted with sexual harassment claims. Affleck has also apologized after footage appeared of him groping Hilarie Burton on the MTV show "Total Request Live" back in 2003.