Jennifer Aniston, the "Friends" alum, just made a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross and the Ricky Martin Foundation, to help rebuild the lives of those victims affected by the hurricanes. In an exclusive report obtained by People, the Hollywood actress hopes that other celebrities would also be inspired to help and donate to aid those people who continued to struggle due to lack of resources and supplies.

Meanwhile, Ricky Martin, the founder of Ricky Martin Foundation, was also able to raise $3 million for the hurricane victims. He also thanked other celebrities who became a huge part of his cause like Ellen DeGeneres, Alec Baldwin, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

People in desperate situation

While Aniston donated the $500,000 to the American Red Cross, the Ricky Martin Foundation is reportedly receiving half of Aniston's million dollar donation as well. The actress, a Puerto Rican native, aimed to extend her help to the displaced victims during the storm.

According to Martin, millions of people in the Puerto Rico area is still in their desperate situations. In his recent statement, he revealed, “What you see on television doesn’t do justice to the reality of Puerto Rico. We are still dealing with four million U.S. citizens who have no power after sixteen days."

Apart from that, he added that most of these victims have suffered from lack of food, medicine, water, and supplies for babies.

Numbers of people are literally dying due to scarcity, and he even felt sad hearing stories from the victims who have buried their relatives in the backyard.

Red Cross relief efforts

When the devastating storms hit different places in the US and in the other part of the world, the American Red Cross has always been providing relief efforts and support to the displaced victims.

In the midst of the devastation, they were also grateful for receiving million dollars of donations from the different Hollywood celebrities.

With the tragic storms that affected Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and the Caribbean, numbers of families were displaced and several victims really need the resources to rebuild their lives once more.

Following the donation made by Aniston, Martin reportedly reached out to the actress via a Twitter post to share his gratitude. While writing on Twitter, Martin said, "Jennifer Aniston U R amazing Thanx 4 donating $500k for our #PuertoRico relief fund. We will never forget. U R saving lives Jenn #Allin4PR."

Martin and Aniston are among many famous celebrities who have used their platform in order to generate donations for the hurricane victims, Entertainment Tonight reported.